How to Shake an Ass in Under Two Minutes

How to Shake an Ass in Under Two Minutes 6

How to Shake an Ass in Under Two Minutes

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Written by hugo santos


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  1. Just wanted to mention for anyone thinking of seeing Marc Live. FUCKING DO IT!

    Seeing this dude live is not just seeing a DJ or a Comedy show, its a full live experience completely crafted and purveyed by the beautifully disgusting mind of Marc.

    I went to his show in Tampa and at one point he pulls a random dude from the crowd up on stage who is dressed in a horrifyingly hilarious Shrek Costume. He then includes and bases the next song off the Shrek guy calling it “Going to the Swamp”.

    At one point a girl in the crowd had brought a giant tub of either yogurt or sour cream, he then proceeds to take his shirt off and arouse the masses with his incredibly gorgeous 138 pound form of greek godhood and pour the contents of the yogurt all over his body.

    At one point this dude who dubbed himself on stage as “Lil Biscuit”, brought his mom over and she licked the yogurt covered fingers of Marc clean from the crowd while her son cheered her on.

    People were throwing money on stage, there was a twerk off contest, Marc got everyone on stage at the end for a giant dance session and played us out absolutely wanting more. Shit got fucking Weird!

    Show was absolutely fucking insane and one of the greatest performances I have seen in my life.

    Support this fucking dude!

  2. What’s the cheapest keyboard setup that I could try and learn to do this type of stuff with? Looks fun as hell even though I have no musical talent lol.

  3. I think this is the same guy who used to do shows at bars. He’s really creative. I think I saw him in r/videos like a year ago, glad he’s gotten the fame that he well deserves.

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