How women vs men choose shampoo

How women vs men choose shampoo

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  1. Don’t forget it is also like a 10 in 1 shampoo, conditioner, body washer, degreaser, blinker fluid, etc.

  2. The top is way too analytical and is missing things like price. Title should be “How men think women choose shampoo”

  3. I hate this chart. Not because I think it generalizes men/women and how they base their decisions, but because why aren’t the effing legend colour boxes a uniform size?!

  4. My boyfriend doesn’t even care if it says “shampoo”. Before we moved together he didn’t know the difference and he still doesn’t care, he uses whatever he finds. Like a psycho.

  5. Definitely true for my Dad now, after he used conditioner for a month and told me it was the worst shampoo he’d ever used…

  6. I go 100% by smell. I only have an inch (~2cm) of hair, so I could use hand soap and be fine, but there’s this one brand of shampoo that has the yummiest mint scent and isn’t expensive. My husband spends more time choosing shampoo than I do because he has super thick hair.

  7. Is no one gonna talk about how in the pie chart there’s 2 different reds and in the key there’s only 1?

  8. also price.

    **Men be like**: *is that 0,99€ one* ***really*** *better than the 0,89€ ?*

    **Same guys**: *I am going to get the 3080ti to replace my 1080ti*

  9. My wife hasn’t let me switch my shampoo, body wash, deodorant, and shaving cream because “I won’t smell like me.” I don’t even think about what I buy, I just click reorder every few months.

  10. not even. more like “looks like shampoo”.

    I’ve bought conditioner instead by mistake a couple of times.

  11. I once used dog shampoo on my hair. Because it was in the bathroom, and it said shampoo on it. Boy did my cost shine after that.

  12. Am I the only one that never looked at the ingredients? The only things I can be attentive on if I wanted are silicone and alcohol. Everything else never crossed my mind

  13. Fuck !! This reminds me of the time I thought Tea Tree oil wash was just Tea Tree oil. Kept applying it near privates with burning sensation which i thought it was working until my wife told me I have to wash it off.

  14. Just showed this to my wife… she didn’t get the joke because she didn’t read the Men part, but mentioned the top chart was missing price.

  15. Accidently bought Shampoo that somehow said Conditioner on it once I got it home. What do I do with this crap? Does it still clean???

  16. I wish.
    I always wondered why my expensive shampoo started going down and when I asked my boyfriend he said it made his beard soft and glorious.

  17. One week I didn’t pay attention and my wife switched some bottles around leading me to condition my hair over and over without washing. It looked so greasy and thinning. I was just like damn, I guess this is the week my hair turns to crap.

  18. I choose shampoo based on what’s cheapest and what doesn’t leave my hair as greasy as a Magic: The Gathering tournament full of neckbeards.

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