Huh. This additionally works.

Huh. This additionally works. 7

Huh. This additionally works. 8

Huh. This additionally works.

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  1. The guy who owns the ps5 trademark sells fake Chinese DS4 controllers in Amazon India. Idk why Amazon promotes these fake controllers in their sale day

  2. Nintendo with their crazy naming scheme? Are we just going to gloss over Xbox rolling their face over their keyboard like their Elon Musk naming their next child?

  3. I mean just follow what other electronic companies do, and rename it the PS5-I, there’s literally precedent of people renaming a project for a specific region.

    In all seriousness though, I hope they don’t give this guy money cause that would just cause more trademark trolls, hell I’m betting this same story with happen again at ps6 launch.

  4. Classic India. Also classic Sony. They should have trademarked aaaaaaaall the potential PS numbers after the 2, when it became clear they were uninspired with their naming convention.

  5. Please. Microsoft would just slap another “X”, trademark it and call it a day. Heck they would do that even if the system was already named and released.

  6. Sony should publicly cancel the launch in India & dox the guy who trademarked the name. The problem would solve itself at that point.

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