Hunting Dogs for Sale

Hunting Dogs for Sale 6

Hunting Dogs for Sale 7

Hunting Dogs for Sale

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  1. Those are bird dogs and you don’t hunt deer with dogs. I have a German wired hair pointer, and where I live there are lots of deer. I’ve trained my dog to leave the deer alone. I’ve seen them walk right up to each other.

  2. Did that first dog not get his head and shoulder rammed into that branch? Looked like he got hurt and went belly up right after this is trash

  3. This dog owner is a fucking twit, deer can kill a dog easily or even just mess it up. Even if they are hunting dogs, the deer is to small to hunt at least in America, he should have gotten his dogs to a safe distance.

  4. a mule deer (my local deer species) would absolutely kill my dogs (GSP’s), esp if she has fawns. I have to be a little careful on walks in the spring. Fortunately my pups have zero interest in them, don’t seek them out, would not chase them.

  5. why did you just videotape this?? White tailed deer can kill by stamping with their hooves. Your dogs could’ve been seriously injured

  6. I’ve seen mule deer go into a 3 point formation and corner a huge boxer that was barking at their young from 50 yards away. Deer usually run but will defend themselves if they need to.

  7. Pretty sure the dogs are just supposed to corner an animal and not actually do the killing. This could be perceived as kind of abusive to the dogs.

  8. I think hunting should just involve a person and their gun/bow. Terrorizing an animal shouldn’t be part of the “sport”. Also that deer looks awfully young.

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