I am not a large , I am simply putting in new flooring at a pre-school

I am not a large , I am simply putting in new flooring at a pre-school

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  1. My God… That’s the cutest little shitter I’ve ever seen. I didn’t even know toilets came in different sizes.

    If I had to use that thing it would be a natural disaster.

    Nice floor work btw.

  2. I rented an office in a hotel owned by aeroflot. They put tiny aeroplane toilets in the toilets, it was like sitting on the floor

  3. Depending on the manufacturer that is either called a “Primary,” a “Baby Devoro,” or just a baby bowl.

    For reference I work for a plumbing supply company.

  4. Preschool bathroom floor would permanently smell like pee. Hope you got paid well to be on your hands and knees in that!

  5. One time me and my wife were checking out a daycare for our first child. It was a very nice place and had a really long waiting list. I accidentally walked in on one of the workers using the tiny child sized toilets. It made our interview very awkward. Especially when my wife brought it up when she realized the interview wasn’t going well.

  6. All these comments about the toilet and big shoes, but the real MVP here are those knee pads. Where can a fella get something that nice for casual yard/house work?!

  7. Going to the preschool and seeing all the miniature yet working versions of things is so adorable! Until you have to sit in a mini plastic chair (looking like a frog squatting uncomfortably) for 30 minutes for a parent teacher conference while the teacher sits so high and mighty in a normal chair. Then it’s not so cute anymore.

  8. Bus Driver here.

    You haven’t lived until you’ve had an emergency and have to violently poop in one of those.

  9. Probably my first day at childcare I was in love with how tiny they were. Then I had to wipe 10,000 butts on it and the cuteness faded.

  10. I work at an elementary school and our office is in an old part of the school that is not used anymore (We are the technology dept) and the bathroom we have to use is not much bigger than this. Mind you we could walk to the teachers lounge, but why would we do that?

  11. one time I pee’d all over my kindergarten toilet (i had to GOOO) and the teacher made everyone put their heads down until someone admitted who made the mess — what the hell kid is admitting to that, lady

  12. I’m 6 feet tall and have long legs but sometimes I go to my favorite restaurant and I WORRY MY BALLS ARE GOING TO REST ON THE URINAL. IT’S TOO HIGH!

  13. I wonder if that’s the same bathroom from that scene in the office where Jim walked in on that guy taking a shit

  14. Plumber here, I’ve installed a few operates the exact same as adult size, and more expensive to buy as well.

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