I believe our new basset hound Caesar is sort of keen on his poppa

I believe our new basset hound Caesar is sort of keen on his poppa

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  1. Oh you are in for a bunch of sweet years. I highly recommend baby proofing stuff you don’t want his to get into.

    They have a reputation of being dumb because they are lazy and stubborn, but it’s probably one of the smarter dog breeds, IMO.

    I lost my Bassett a few years ago to epilepsy, 11/10 greatest dog ever.

  2. You do know that he’ll still want to be held and rocked like that when he’s 60 lbs, right? So sweet! Cuddles for life!

  3. My neighbors Bassett Hound’s soul purpose of life is to try and escape the yard and howl for 3 hours from 5:30 am on

  4. Trade you an old fat Houdini pug who breaks into the neighbours house when they cook … for a sweet Bassett baby?!

  5. My parents would have up to 5 bassets at a time. Remember to dry their ears daily as they can mouldy from drinking water and all their goober. ❤️

  6. Enjoy every moment. I wanted a basset my entire life, eight and a half years ago, I rescued one who is now an old boy but my best friend. I also have two others, an old girl, and one of my old boys sons. They are great love able, stubborn, and sometimes stinky dogs. Just make sure they get plenty of walks, and then they’ll sleep all day.

  7. I had a male basset hound named Droolus Maximus (Max) and a female basset hound named Prima Bella Donna (Belle) for nearly 12 years. They passed in 2018, but they were my best friends through my high school and college years. Such amazing and goofy and lovable creatures. Much love and blessing to your new family member. ❤️

  8. Congratulations! You’re going to have the best years. I still miss my basset hound. Would definitely do it again. 🙂

  9. i love basset hounds they are so sweet and love to cuddle. never met one i wasn’t instant best friends with.

  10. Ours is not dumb. She’s smart enough to figure out what you want, then figure if it’s in her best interest to do it. Does lay around. Will do anything for treats

  11. Oh my gosh. Bassets are the sweetest, funniest, goofiest breed. My baby Dudley was just the cutest derp. Have lots of fun with sweet Caesar!

  12. Enjoy him. I lost my basset at 3 years due to an illness he had since he was one but those 3 years were fantastic bassets are one of the best dog breeds out there.

  13. Bred basset hounds for years and bassets choose one person and that’s theirs. They will always come to that person first, they will howl when your gone and love you when your back. They are the cutest long ears in the world, I miss raising them. I can honestly say that boy is one of the cutest I’ve seen.

  14. There’s just, so many ways I would want to kiss that puppy’s tummy I don’t think I’d accomplish anything else

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