I feel old

I feel old 7

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I feel old

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  1. I miss levitating to navigate some areas. It took me so long to even figure that out as I didn’t have internet.

  2. What made me feel old is the fact that Jurassic Parks theatrical release is closer to the moon landing than it is to today

  3. Morrowind was great, so was Oblivion, Skyrim was good too, but I’m very sad they haven’t released a new one. I’d be okay with a remake of Morrowind or Oblivion tbh. Tired of all the Skyrim releases. GIVE ME A NEW ELDER SCROLLS GAME THAT ISNT ONLINE.

  4. Every game company just stopped making games and just release the same game but on different consoles. Just like that GTA 5 meme.

  5. This literally made me say holy fuck

    Bethesda and rockstar should work on a game together

    Release date: November 22, 2108

  6. God damn I hate these posts that make me realize I am a couple decades older than when I was having the time of my life playing the hell out of amazing videogames for the first time. I hope this long of a wait for ESVI is worth it and makes me feel like a teenager putting 1000 hours into Oblivion, but you might need drugs for that.

  7. Mr. Howard was, I think in his thirties when he started? That would only make him about 60. You don’t think he’s writing his Opus with VI do you?

  8. Can’t believe gta and elder scrolls skipped an entire console generation. I blame elder scrolls online and gta v online.

  9. This is one of the many reasons I love ESO. We’ve been able to discover so much more of Tamriel than we would in single-player games! I would strongly advise anyone who hasn’t played but is hankering for some good old fashioned Daedric schemes or Dragon invasions to give it a go.

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