“I found you stash”

“I found you stash" 6

“I found you stash" 7

“I found you stash”

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  1. We do. And when we are out at the hardware store we buy snacks and eat them in the car! It’s the only time I throw away wrappers appropriately! The only girl I cheat on your mom with is “Little Debbie”. I gotta go to work. Be good today. Dad loves you and I’m so proud of you!

    Edit: Thank you for the gold and all the nice replies. It really made my day extra nice.

  2. Had a great location in the freezer to stash my Reese’s PB cups, until my wife decided to clean out the freezer and finally saw what was under the bag of frozen cauliflower we were never gonna use. Since then I’ve had to stay vigilant, storing only 1 or 2 at a time before moving on. No place is safe in this crazy world.

  3. My dad had a porn stash that I found out about when I was 12. I stole some of it and kept it back but I always felt like he knew that I found out about it and watched some of it.

    I’m 23 now and one day he came to me asking me how to open “Blocked Websites” because he wants to download movies. This surprised me because I 100% knows that he doesn’t know anything about torrents and downloading movies, only torrent sites and porn are blocked in my country so through elimination I knew what he meant. So, I just installed a VPN and tell him how much they charge per month to his bank acc and he can use it by opening the application (I use his VPN acc for my pc as well).

    The joys of being an adult is knowing what things between the lines meant when we were a child hahahaha.

  4. My dad once found my mom’s stash of Halloween candy as she over bought one year and wanted to save it until next year. He ate all the good stuff out of it. Que Oct 30th and my mom just started yelling at me for eating all the candy and why would I do something like that, ect. And I’m just standing there insisting i didn’t do it. Que my dad poking his head around the corner all coy like and saying “you didn’t hide it very well and i ate it” and then slipped away. Funniest shit ever.

  5. It’s a habit you develop when you have kids, gotta hide it from the kids, or you wont be able to enjoy it in peace.

  6. I keep a secret stash from time to time, but it’s not for me. My wife can get a sudden craving for chocolate, and if we’re out of chocolate in our snack drawer, I’ll sneak away and “stumble upon” a whole bar. This keeps her happy, ehich in turn keeps me happy, as I don’t have to go to the store.

  7. Dad would go to his stash, and bring me a piece of chocolate or hard candy while I did my homework. “Energy for the brain” he’d say.
    So even when we figured out where the stash was hidden, we were careful not to take too much, so as not to rob him of the joy of being our candy fairy.

  8. Nah, my mom would hide the baking chocolate chips in the cleaning closet next to the ant killer in a basket… then one day noticed my dad was eating the chips without removing the bag.

    Dude just left them there and ate them anyway.

  9. When I was younger I found my dads stash and everyday he gave me a sweet to bribe me not to tell mom it’s a secret I will keep to the grave

  10. My uncle has little ziploc bags of jelly beans hidden all over the house. If my aunt isn’t nearby, he’ll sneak up behind you and whisper, “you want some jelly beans?” and pull out a bag from behind some random nook or cranny. The first time my brother’s wife (still girlfriend at this point) came with us to my aunt and uncle’s house, we were watching a movie in the living room, and my uncle asks her if she’d like some jellybeans —she said yes. My brother and I grin at each other because we know exactly what’s about to happen; my uncle literally tiptoes like a cartoon bank robber over to the entertainment center, reaches behind a picture frame, and pulls out a bag of jelly beans; he gives all of us a handful, reminds us not to tell our aunt, quietly puts them back behind the picture frame, then sits back down in his chair. My sister in law was so shocked, she kept looking over to me and my brother to see our reaction and we just kept laughing. This is only one of my uncle’s many quirks, all of which are just as endearing and amusing.

  11. Had the absolute fucking pleasure of working with this amazing 60-year-old gentleman legend called Bob in my old laboratory. He told the most amazing stories, some of my favourites involved the meticulous planning and details of developing hiding spots to ensure he always had chocolate for himself. He has a teenage son and daughter who would arrive home from school and be in the house often for hours and hours before his return. They even managed to find chocolate hidden underneath drawers (you had to completely pull them out of the hinges) below the bed. The longest-surviving hiding pace was in the salad bin, underneath all the vegetables.
    Miss you Bob! Hope you’re doing well.

  12. my wife has a way sweeter tooth than me. so i keep my secret stash on top of the cupboards that i (M, 6ft) need stool to stand on to get to. there is no way my wife (F, 5ft 2inch) can reach unless she becomes way more agile and less afraid of heights.

  13. When you have a job and a wallet with money in it, your “secret stash” is being able to drive to the store and get it. You may have found a little bonus we brought home for later, but the real cache is cash.

    Oh, and stay out of my underwear drawer, David.

  14. Currently my 2 year old daughter has a dairy intolerance and my partner, who still occasionally breastfeeds her, is avoiding dairy. I am a dad with my very own snack shelf in the kitchen with a healthy stock of chocolate cookies, lemon drizzle cake and Lindor chocolate, all safe from the rest of the family, for now.

  15. Whenever I borrow my dad’s car for a road trip I always return it with some ‘heat resistant’ snacks, like mini oreos.

  16. I found my dad’s food stash in this little compartment he had in his car. The middle seat folded out to be an extra set of cup holders and nobody knew about it until i got bored and explored the car when i was 10.

  17. Damnit…. I am only 2 years married and I literally have food hidden everywhere. Food is within arms reach where my computer is…

  18. Yep. My wife and I each have a nightstand on our sides of the bed and there is a top and bottom drawer. If you open the bottom drawer there is a piece at the top that looks just like a trim piece. If you press it it, it then pops open and that’s where we keep our candy

  19. I avoid having a stash by just buying stuff I know the wife wont eat. We live near a big Asian grocery store so I get shrimp chips and rice crackers all the time. Also anything BBQ flavored.

    Which is funny as she effing LOVES shrimp and BBQ, just not anything flavored like them.

  20. I used to stash in those tins of Danish butter cookies that Grandma used to store buttons and thread in. Then my family discovered them. So they shake each tin in my sewing room to make sure there are buttons and not treats.

  21. It’s so true!! My dad likes ring dings and york peppermint patties. Never did find Mom’s stash so it’s possible she sneaks from his and replenishes it, and he pretends not to notice.

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