I immediately tought about this the primary day

I immediately tought about this the primary day 7

I immediately tought about this the primary day 8

I immediately tought about this the primary day

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  1. Walking through the halls is a lot like a game of fall guys: it’s clustered as hell and I don’t know who’s grabbing my ass

  2. Just started college. The one of the larger colleges in my town (not the one I go to) has a bunch of party-goers. You best believe they lasted about 1.5 weeks before shutting down. Meanwhile, my smaller school has only had 4 total in-person cases.

  3. I don’t understand the logic of “we need to limit the amount of contact people have with each other so the virus doesn’t spread” and “Open the flood gates because education and stuff” Do they understand that technology exists and that students aren’t actually that stupid ? They can figure out stuff by themselves.

  4. I’m a teacher. This is both accurate and terrifying. And no matter how much we try to reinforce and teach procedures like these to the high schoolers, many of them don’t believe it is anything to worry about because a public health crisis has been politicized. (I’m in Iowa btw. RIP.)

  5. It’s almost as if schools were designed to accommodate as many people as possible so that in total less schools would have to be built to accommodate the younger population…
    Seriously though I don’t know why people try to enforce this covid stuff in schools to stop the spread when they’re obviously way overcrowded. I guess to slow the spread? But even then it’s fighting a losing battle

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Simply out for a stroll 20

Simply out for a stroll

mmm sure, pvz memes 21

mmm sure, pvz memes