I integrated Arduino+Gyro into my cheap controller

I integrated Arduino+Gyro into my cheap controller

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  1. Pretty sick. I remember emulating that guy without gyro and some of those shrines were rage inducing.
    Only for me to find out the ds4 has built in gyro… that I just needed to turn on

  2. I see no mention of the steam controller doing this. I love using mine for this game. But still, props on getting this working so fluidly. Always neat to see people doing this stuff.

  3. I swear I have an Arduino+Gyro setup integrated in my spine. Every time I press jump key and simultaneously extend back in any direction, it gives me better in-game control.

    We all have it.

  4. This is BoTW running on CEMU (WiiU emulator). There’re some other ways to integrate Gyro+Accel sensors, but other than having a gyro-capable controller, you have to use your phone which is bulky.

    So I developed this one just because Arduino+Gyro is easy and cheap as fuck, ofc with a lot of help in the form of readily available resources made by the community.

    Somehow Gfycat being funky and chops the FPS & audio, here’s a better one:


    – Price: ~$5 + any cheap controller.

    – [GitHub Repository](

    – Time to finish the project: 5-6 hours, *only*. Coz out of all aspect necessary, I only got experience on the Arduino side (which is the easiest of them all).

    – Using Linkle mod, matching armors also included.

    – Yup, modern controllers like Steam Controllers, DS4, and JoyCon have this capability, some of the mobile shooters too. What I did here is just making a generic controller to have those modern controller gyroscope capability, as it was a crucial feature in BoTW.

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