I mean I feel personally attacked here.

I mean I feel personally attacked here. 7

I mean I feel personally attacked here. 8

I mean I feel personally attacked here.

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  1. Played a little Magic growing up, like 8 year old kid not knowing what he was doing amount of magic.

    About a year before pandemic 3 friends and I started it back up and had a lot of fun:
    – we’d all chip in for a draft box of something (like $30 each)
    – meet up every 2 weeks for “Magic Night” (1 box would last 2 game sessions)
    – One person brings 6 pack of beer, one person brings a mid grade bottle of whiskey ($30-60), one person buys pizza and one person got a “free night”. We’d rotate through.
    – During our drafts anything worth >$15 we wouldn’t play with and would set aside to be sold.
    – Anything worth like $5-15 we would play with but make note of and sell back to the online store when we were done
    – After the month we’d sell everything and use that to offset the cost of the next draft box. In many cases it meant the $30 buy in/month would be $10. In some cases we’d have enough for 2 months worth of boxes from lucky pulls.
    – right before Covid I think we had like $300 in credit online to buy boxes.

    2 of the guys I play with are heavily immuno-compromised due to life long condition or chemo from cancer, so haven’t had the ability to play in over a year at this point. We did play the online version for a bit but it wasn’t the same.

  2. I spent over $2400 on the Kaladesh Inventions. Kicked myself every time I ordered a new one for the collection. Sold them two years later for over $5000.

  3. I’ll do ya one better. I had gotten out. Sold all my cards,, gave some away… and then a bunch of pals dragged me back in on a borrowed deck… Dropped a couple hundred to get back in since I figured 10 years on, a new group would be fun… and they FUCKING. QUIT. Now I’m 34, have a bunch of cards and no one wants to play.

  4. Almost any purchase sounds bad if you reduce it to its components. Bought a rare Jackson Pollock painting? Just some canvas and paint. Bought Action Comics #1? Newsprint paper and ink. Went to see a movie? You paid for some flashes of light and sound.

    It’s the organization of the components that give them value.

  5. I regret nothing and within my card-board castle I am safe.
    *Peers out from the token-ramparts* “hold on, are those cards-against-humanity not also card-board cards all be it less expensive ones… One of us! One of us!”

  6. LOL, I can’t even look at magic cards without crying.

    I started playing in 95. Was a small time dealer for a while as well. Quit about 15 years ago as I had a kid in kindergarten and another on the way. Got $15k for my collection which was a decent deal at the time.

    These days…that same collection could pay off my house a couple of times over, and probably leave me with money to spare. Never mind the power cards I had…..even cards like Mishra’s workshop, Tabernacle, Bazaar of Baghdad, etc. that are worth thousands of dollars now were worth $20-$25 back then. And I had playsets of virtually everything.

    They should follow this up with “The collective wail of every old-school Magic player who looks up what the cards they sold years ago are now worth.”

  7. I was big into M:tG when it first came out, but the booster packs kept coming and kept coming and kept coming and I couldn’t keep up.

    It’s a fucking racket, I remember thinking. If I’d kept those cards, I’d probably have a few thousand dollars worth, I wager.

  8. The only MTG thing I have worth anything is a sealed box of Italian Legends, it’s still sitting at my parents. Convinced my dad to buy it at GenCon 95, I think we paid about $400 for it at the time.

  9. I run a game store so I chuckled. A few things for the non savvy card gamers:

    – the game in the image is Cards Against Humanity which I assume every redditor knows by now because images were posted so much on r/funny they banned CAH images for a while if I recall

    – CAH is taboo among many avid board gamers. If you want some angry comments, mention on r/boardgames CAH, Monopoly, or Munchkin.

    – During covid and probably thanks to people like Jake Paul, Pokemon cards reached an illogical bubble particularly on eBay. It is still extremely hard to find boosters at MSRP today, along with other card games like Flesh and Blood.

    – MTG somehow did not bubble as much yet still sells regularly despite recent changes in business model.

    – in June there will be maybe $40 booster packs. Yes 15 cards for between $30 and $40 on launch day. (Modern horizon 2 collector boosters)

  10. At the end of the day cardboard is more valuable than paper, and money is paper, so if anybody got scammed it was wizards of the coast.

  11. It’s *MORE* than cardboard, and at least we’re not spending money on virtual cards… Right guys?


  12. Those old school players ain’t wailing. Their cardboards are worth X10 x50 the price they were bought.

    I’m talking alpha/beta/Arabian Nights etc.

  13. I mean, when a bunch of those cards go up in price, you make out pretty well. Magic can essentially be poor people stocks if you buy it that way.

  14. I got into board gaming over the pandemic and I spent collective thousands of dollars on cardboard and plastic..

  15. I only have a few hundred cards I think, but “hundreds of dollars” isn’t even close. But my collection is now worth much more then I spent on it, so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.

  16. a lot of the cards i collected from magic have gone up in price so much. So if it’s the wail of happiness the yes. plus the game itself is fun so long as you don’t get mana screwed/flooded.

  17. Oof. But wait until ya’ll hear what dollars are made from. :/

    Also, my Arabian Nights Library of Alexandria sells for $2,800 lol.

  18. I mean, it’s the same for most hobbies; you end up spending a huge sum of money on things that aren’t necessary for you to live, and give you no monetary return. It’s very easy to see other’s hobbies as a waste of money, while thinking your own is not simply because you enjoy yours and not theirs.

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