I ought to sleep

I ought to sleep 7

I ought to sleep 8

I ought to sleep

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  1. Every single art meme has *Nobody Cares* and its annoying. Nice art but don’t use it to just practically ask for people to say “i care” just go show it in the animes sub and people will care. Stop posting art in r/memes for ez upvotes. That goes for everyone that does this or attempts to think about this. We need OC stuff not just OC pictures but OC memes.

  2. sorry I was going to give nice comment but apparently it’s a repost. so I will make original context and post hydrogen.

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Huh. This additionally works. 20

Huh. This additionally works.

"I Need to Break Free" with a puppet model of Freddie Mercury 21

“I Need to Break Free” with a puppet model of Freddie Mercury