I probably had it. There’s no evidence to support that, but I still say everybody’s being a big baby about it.

I probably had it. There's no evidence to support that, but I still say everybody's being a big baby about it. 7

I probably had it. There's no evidence to support that, but I still say everybody's being a big baby about it. 8

I probably had it. There’s no evidence to support that, but I still say everybody’s being a big baby about it.

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  2. My coworker keeps insisting she had Covid. Back in early November…. in Ohio… she says that she “tested positive for influenza A, but who knows?” The doctors know. And they said you had the flu.

  3. My brother in law swears he and his mother had it back in December, so theres no need for them to worry.

    They both have diabetes. And of course she is over 60. I keep telling them better safe than sorry but nope. I guess they are okay flipping the coin

  4. The thing to worry about the hornets isn’t them murdering you, it’s them mass-murdering the bees. As it turns out we’re really reliant on honeybees as pollinators and giant hornets butcher entire hives if they get the chance.

  5. Lol, this is clearly from someone who has never ever see not interact with an actual “murder hornet”.

    As someone whose country have them natively and who grew up with them, let me just point out that generally you don’t get sting only once; usually the hornet stings you 4 or 5 times rapidly with one single attack.

    When one of these hornet attacks you (they are very aggressive, they WILL attack you if you ignore their warning display) the rule is you don’t do anything you let it fly away. If you crush one, it will burst a pheromone sack inside their abdomen which will attract swarms (hundreds) of their hive mates. Since 50 to 100 stings are lethal, and each hornet can sting 4 or 5 times before it’s out of venom, this IS a life-threatening event. As in your buddies need to call an ambulance ASAP if an attack is happening. Even then the chances are good you will die.

    These hornets are not a joke. They regularly kill around 50 ppl in my country every summer. Anyone who has ever actually live with them knows that they deserve the “murder hornet” name.

  6. It is pretty crazy. I live in CA and have two friends who got a severe respiratory illness that lasted about 2-3 weeks that the doctors could not figure out what it was. They had all the symptoms of covid with no actual diagnosis of what it was. Could definitely be a coincidence but was really weird. This all happened like in January I think.

  7. Studies have been done that show that the true infection rate is probably an order of magnitude or so higher than what testing says. Remember that our testing is total shit. I wouldn’t be surprised if people really did get “something” that turned out to be COVID, and they just can’t get tested for it because their state isn’t New York and they didn’t get a proper round of random antibody testing to figure out how many cases there really were.

  8. The evidence is antibodies testing, which has been ongoing and when factoring in the numbers, keeps drops the fatality rate of the Coronavirus. Stop disguising your factually ignorant, thinly veilin political anger as “funny.” Oh wait, I forgot this was reddit…

  9. Except for the fact that Stanford proved the Coronavirus had been around since fall, but the last ignore Stanford…

  10. Umm… But… Their is evidence to support COVID-19 being in the United States back to at least January through positive results on anti-body tests. And the virus has been tracked to outside Wuhan or whatever in China prior to November….

    Seems like more than ample, credible data

  11. Is trump even attempting to get adequate testing for this Google-China created murder hornet virus? This is sad!

  12. I had a nightmare about murder hornets last night. To be fair, I totally deserved what I got in the dream.

  13. Its not the people we’re worried about, the hornets kill bees, which are essential for plant growth and reproduction. Think of the Bee movie

  14. This is Greta plus a cigarette. Catch her CNN interview where she’s going to swear she had COVID-19 despite no evidence all because she had a cough for a few days in February.

  15. If murder hornets scare you japanese honey bees should make you fear them much more.

    They cook the hornets alive.

  16. A family member said they had it as well. However they continue to see someone else in my family who is extremely susceptible to Covid(a lot of underlying conditions). They don’t know what they are talking about and are playing Russian roulette with my other family members life. Pisses me off

  17. 2020 is the pretend apocalypse don’t ya know?! Just go with it, we’re all the survivors of our post apocalyptic fantasies.

  18. Omg trump is literally killing people because he didn’t prepare us for these murder hornets he needs to invent a way to get rid of them ASAP it’s all his fault!

  19. My aunt had a pretty bad sting back in August, I don’t believe the MSM trying to tell us that murder hornets are new

  20. This actually depends on what coast your on. A weaker strain hit the west coast first directly from China as opposed to the stronger more infectious version that hit New York vía Europe.

  21. This is reddit. Everyone loses their shit and think the world’s gonna end the moment someone drops a penny the wrong way. Remember how everyone on this platform was so sure that World War III was gonna start just because one person of political power was killed overseas???

  22. virus been circulating through America since January, just the fear mongering media didn’t latch on as everyone was so caught up in impeachment. The house was spending so much time worrying about a Trump they missed the start of the spread. So yes many, many, many millions of people have already had the COVID-19, studies have confirmed across the country, without issue. so don’t see the humor more of humor for idiots that think its better to give up our freedom for our common cold’s cousin, which by CDC data not news or government hype, causes no more hospitalizations than the flu. check the data if you don’t believe it.

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