I remember it like it was yesterday

I remember it like it was yesterday 7

I remember it like it was yesterday 8

I remember it like it was yesterday

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  1. A girl once told me that I had a really cute contagious laugh and that if I kept laughing, eventually the whole world would be happy. I think about it a lot.

  2. I remember it like it was yesterday:

    2018, my friend at school told me my haircut “actually doesn’t look that bad”. Best day of my life.

  3. Ok nah a cute girl told me I smelt nice yesterday and I have been clinging to that ever since. My only regret is that I was too surprised to say something smooth back

    Like when she said “ooh you smell nice” I should have been like “thanks, you *look* nice”

    But hey I’ll take the compliment. Thanks cute girl

  4. Girl I used to like said I had a really cute nose she described it as a button nose, first compliment I can remember ever getting and this was bout march this year shows how little I get complimented, still really happy when I think back to it tho

  5. 5 years ago a girl said i was amazing. April 16th to be exact. I remember it was a thursday. It’s nothing too great but it meant a lot to me at the time. A few months before that another girl complimented my shirt. I’m still riding high from these till this day. Maybe in a couple more years i’ll get another, who knows…

  6. I remember a girl friend of mine said my hands were soft and she wished she had such soft hands. It’s stuck with me after so many years, and now I have a little ritual where I was my hands with a “handcare” soap bar before bed. It’s actually fun, finding new soaps and stuff.

  7. I’ll be straight in the moment I definitely feel awkward getting a compliment to the point that I spend the entire time analyzing ir and miss my chance to respond and then a few days/weeks/months/years later I remember it and yup still makes me feels good. Just wish I didn’t try to analyze it. Damn social awkwardness and trust issues

  8. legit yesterday the man I buy bread for said “You’re usually so polite I’ll make an exception for you” and he stopped what he was doing to give me the bread and I will cherish this memory forever

  9. I teach English abroad. I had a little girl, maybe 4-5 years old, in a brand new class. I can kind of speak their language and she kept saying “wow he’s so handsome” when I walked in the room. I’ve been dieting and exercising hard for about half a year to get back in shape and that little girl calling me handsome was a very pleasant change from the usual “fat” I received when I got first got here. I was in the clouds the entire rest of the day.

  10. Seriously though,

    Women: complaining about being complimented multiple times daily and call it creepy

    Men: I was last complimented 15 years ago and still cherish it to this day.

  11. Never got a compliment that I didn’t ask for. Maybe only from family members but we all know it’s not the same.

    For people commenting compliments to people under posts like this; It’s not the same as well.

  12. Thanks for this…. saw this today, and told my husband that he was (genuinely) the smartest man that I know and gave examples- hope I made his day!

  13. Yea girl almost gave me a 20 instead of a 5 when i was checking out at the store her coworker was like just ask the guy out u dont gotta pay him i just smiled an walked off

  14. Bruh that’s me though I’m 16 and I’ll remember when someone said a girl liked me back in the 8th grade and it still makes me smile holy shit I’m sad

  15. A girl in sophomore year complemented my hair (I have quite long curly/wavy hair) while we were going down the math hallway. I don’t know her and that was the first and last time I talked to her I’m in senior year and I still remember that scene vividly.

  16. About 10 years ago a girl told me that she likes the way I hug. Everytime I hug a girl since then, I always wonder if she likes it too 😀

  17. What can I say except of it’s TRUE
    Mine was 3 days ago my crush told me that with my new glasses I look more beautiful and that made my week

  18. Damn my teacher once asked the class who had the loudest voice in the class, they all shouted my name and even though it was 4 years ago, i just like remembering it

  19. That’s super true. When I was in 4th grade (I’m in 10th now) Inwas singing that song “I wish that I could be like the cool kids” and these two dudes, Ricardo and Jimmy, literally the nicest kids in school to this day, interupt me and say, “But you are one of the cool kids”, ” yeah you know everyone in our grade and even a lot of the 5th graders”. And I think about that every morning I wake up

  20. I was once at a good freinds and she pet my wet hair when after I got outa the shower and said it was soft and she loved it I never saw her again but the kindness sticks with me

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