I think we can all agree on this

I think we can all agree on this 7

I think we can all agree on this 8

I think we can all agree on this

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  1. As a girl I will always remember the two most genuine, unsexual compliments I’ve ever gotten, especially since they were from teenagers which can be rude sometomes. “You look immaculate” for a well put together outfit and “you look like you could fuck somebody up” at a lake cuz I guess my biseps were showing XD it’s good to pass on kind comments to balance out all the crap ones out there.

  2. To any other guys that havent gotten a compliment, you are a nice guy and your hair looks snazzy, to any females(anybody actually) that wanna talk about random shit just shoot me a dm lol. And to all people that read this. Thanks for your time and have a good day, night, or morning

  3. So today my brother and I were playing Undertale (well I was trying to beat Undyne the Undying but he was watching. Also he had already beaten all the routes and genocide many times so he knew what to do. I also watched him play) and I was doing pretty good and he was shocked. I the gave him a compliment because he was helping me and I looked at him and he looked like he was about to cry from happiness. God damn I love my quirky brother. And when I say quirky I mean he has his differences. But yes boys need more compliments because my bro is depresso and I want to make him feel good.

  4. If your a girl, you look really pretty today.
    If your a guy, you look really handsome today.
    If your amber heard,you look like you should be in hell.

  5. For the guys and girls: you did good today, be it drinking water or juice or just spending time with family/pets/friends/online

  6. By the by, in order to compliment a woman and not have it sound pervy, compliment her on something she has done rather than on something she can’t change. Something like, “Really good work today! I was impressed by _____”.

    Do NOT compliment her ass or just say she’s beautiful.

    If you absolutely MUST compliment her looks, follow the same rule (something she has control over) and say something like “Wow, you’ve seriously mastered eye makeup – your eyes look incredible”
    It makes you sound more sincere, like you’re paying attention, and that you’ve thought beyond compliment = sex.

  7. For 5 minutes I looked at this meme confused as to whether or not pervy dungeon masters was that big of a problem in DnD. I am not a smart cookie.

  8. Hi if you’re a human reading this, LGBTQ+ or not, I hope you’re having a wonderful day and you look beautiful like woah!! You’re more beautiful than the milky way and I love your eyes!

  9. To all men reading this:
    I don’t know you but I think of you as an incredibly entertaining person if you enjoy memes and is able to live through a toxic platform like this. I care about you despite your appearance and other interests, and have a good day 🙂

  10. I don’t understand how society has got to the point where 14 year old girls are getting asked for nudes by other boys multiple times a day.

  11. I complement all my male friends.

    They always smile weirdly or look surprised.

    Don’t know if they are uncomfortable or not. Should probably stop—I don’t know.

  12. Bold of you to assume many girls get dms. Or maybe others do and I’m just the weird one who’s forever alone.

    Sorry 1am depression hitting again

  13. I swear guys dont know how pretty they are and its cuz no one fucking compliments them whyyyyy. And also yeah, out of all the dms ive gotten on this site only like 4 of them were something id accept

  14. I’ve actually been fortunate to work somewhere where the guys openly compliment me(I’m also a guy) and do it sincerely. Can confirm it should happen more.

  15. I messaged a random girl if she knew recipes and she left me on read saying she had some for cookies, I told her that I want to impress some long distance comrades ( when summer arrives I would have food made for em ) why didn’t she tell me the recipe?

  16. I’m a girl and i never get dms from anyone not even pervy ones and tbh it just reminds me how goddamn unattractive i am it hurts to hear my friend say stuff like omg my dms are full of dickpics. I’m not even worthy of a fucking dickpic what the fuck

  17. I’m a girl and I get pretty decent dms. I’m also lesbian so I can complement a dude without ppl crowding around me saying I should ask him out.

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