I thought it was kind of funny

I thought it was kind of funny 7

I thought it was kind of funny 8

I thought it was kind of funny

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  1. Used to work in a call center. Our cubicle walls were covered in this really low quality thin carpet, and my jacket reacted with it in the **worst** way. I loved rubbing a sleeve up against a wall then rolling my chair to one of my buddies in the next cubicle and just shocking the shit out of them.

    You could see the arc if I held my finger a few cm away. Miss those walls.

  2. I was in a bathroom in Walmart and I saw evidence that you do not need static to stick shit to walls.

  3. Your thumb looks weird from that angle… stare at the top of the pencil and let the video loop round and you get a nice claw effect.

    Your welcome

  4. You sure it’s not the latex paint? I used to stick bottle caps to my dorm wall by rubbing them across the paint, melting a thin layer of paint, then it would cool and stick.

  5. I was literally thinking about this trick 2 days ago, I hadn’t seen it in years too. Doesn’t it have to be a specific pencil?

  6. Any one else notice the pencil sharpens itself 1 sec into the video? Or am I crazy? Or is the pencil never even sharpened on the wall, and it’s a trick of the shadow?

  7. We used to do it with empty beer bottles. Rubbing it against the wall, the friction melts the paint just enough for it to stick.

  8. My 6yo daughter told me about this and I thought she was full of shit because what she told me didn’t make sense and then I tried it and it worked. Shits wild yo.

  9. Ohhh! I used to do this at my high school. The paint was old and shitty, so any pencil you rubbed on the wall would make the paint sticky and you’d have a pencil stuck to the wall. I managed to get a tissue box stuck to the wall, I don’t have the picture though, I think?

  10. Just be careful doing this with anything you don’t want to get paint on! Sometimes the paint chips off when you do this

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