I used a Markov Chain to write a fake AC/DC song based upon their lyrics. I present to you “Great Balls”.

I used a Markov Chain to write a fake AC/DC song based upon their lyrics. I present to you “Great Balls”.

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  1. The guys at work have an entire selection of AC/DC on our sound system, I’m going to slip this in there and wait for their reactions.

    Edit: People, keep in mind the Covid lockdowns. I honestly have no clue when the shop reopens.

  2. You’ve created something very special here. I think even Brian Johnson himself will be on his ass laughing about this when he sees it, and he will see it.

    “Seems like a bone givin the balls.”

    That’s gold, Jerry!

  3. computer generated but you my friend, made this song an AC/DC song with expertly sung vocals and well played instruments. i could be fooled for thinking at first listen that this was one of their songs. Cool

  4. I sent this to a former drummer of mine who is a huge AC/DC fan — He called me back about 30 minutes later and could barely speak he was laughing so hard. And yes, he did enjoy it.

    Edit: He just emailed me back. He wants the video creator to do Disturbed next. And System of a Down.

  5. That was hilarious and frankly not too far off of some AC/DC songs anyway.

    So did this thing just generate the lyrics? What about the music etc.? Who sang it? Come on, give us the deets.

  6. Angus Young was once accused by a journalist that AC/DC made eleven albums that sounded exactly the same and he quipped back “that’s not true. We’ve made twelve albums that sound exactly the same.” Sometimes the formula is just too good to change.

  7. While listening to it I was thinking, yeah this is the typical nonsensical gibberish that AIs like this usually create from their datasets, but then it got to the chorus and I nearly fell off my chair laughing. Absolutely amazing!

  8. Sorry if this seems like an odd question but are you member of the band ‘My dick’? There’s just moments in your music uploads I’m pretty sure I’m listening to the ‘my dick’ guys.

  9. This is insanely impressive. I can’t believe you did all the parts; it’s spot-on! I was assuming it was a bunch of real AC/DC somehow stitched together by a program.

    Do you think some Floyd could come out well using this process?

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