I used to be in Busan, South Korea this previous weekend. This was how American troopers on depart have been celebrating the 4th of July. Embarrassing.(Sorry for information story being in Korean)

I used to be in Busan, South Korea this previous weekend. This was how American troopers on depart have been celebrating the 4th of July. Embarrassing.(Sorry for information story being in Korean) 7

I used to be in Busan, South Korea this previous weekend. This was how American troopers on depart have been celebrating the 4th of July. Embarrassing.(Sorry for information story being in Korean)

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  1. Embarrassing.

    I was stationed near Tokyo for a couple years, and on arrival, we had to go thru a few days of classes about how to not be an asshole American in Japan.

  2. Having lived in Korea for 6 years, it’s not at all uncommon to see Americans making asses of themselves, especially with the women. This was especially true of the soldiers, which is why when I first went in 2012, some bars and clubs had “NO AMERICAN SOLDIERS” signs on their doors.

  3. I’m an American and I visited Haeundae, Busan, South Korea where this happened. I would have never have fucking DREAMED, of doing something like this. This shit is so fucking embarrassing and disrespectful. What is wrong with those people.

  4. It was bizarre walking through Haeundae last night (the area in the video). Loads of American soldiers, no masks, super obnoxious, major meathead vibe, but the most alarming thing was what was showed.

    Dozens of people shooting fireworks off into crowds of people. No regard for others and just a complete embarrassment. But also it really did give the whole area an uneasy feeling of wondering what harm these dopes might actually cause. We walked through with anxiety and awe. Like I said, super bizarre feeling.

  5. Complete wankers no excuse to act this way in a foreign country of which you are a guest. Military or otherwise

  6. While possibly not relevant; We have quite a few US soldiers in Norway (more specifically in Trondheim / Stjørdal), as they have a base here I believe?And when they’re on leave, they have absolutely no common decency.Not to say none of them do, but I work on the train they usually take into town, and most of them are usually one of the following; over the top drunk, loud, talking down to other people (except for elders), blasting *insert rap-artist here* on their cellphone (on public transport), yell to each other when they are in different carts.

    I’m sure there are many of the US soldiers that are decent people. They might be the ones that stay at the base?But the majority of those that go outside when they are on leave in a foreign country should be told to behave.

    I have lost so much respect for US soldiers due to this.But I’ve also noticed that I have yet to see anyone above 25 years of age that behave like this.
    So I’m going to assume it’s a phase of some sorts.

  7. Speaking as a vet who was stationed in Seoul for a year, there are SO many US military morons out on display.

    They see being in a foreign country as some sort of free pass to do the things they’d think twice about doing at home.

    Littering, starting fights, harassing and terrifying locals, the list goes on, with a lot more egregious and evil acts at times.

    Go to Sam Ryan’s, or Thursday Party, on a Friday night, and prepare to be disappointed in humanity.
    Even otherwise good people turn into trash human beings.

    There are a lot of rules for service members there, and understandably so, y’all don’t know how to act.

    I loved my time there, met my wife there in fact, and can’t wait to go back. It’s a beautiful, ultra-modern country, with the best food I’ve ever tasted.

  8. I remember in Seoul in 2010-2012 when I lived there several bars/clubs had pre-banned any US soldiers from entering. Also Haeundae is one of my favorite beaches and party spots on the planet so I hope this happens there, too.

  9. I did wonder why Americans seemed depicted in not the greatest light in a bunch of Korean TV shows despite the whole alliance and now I start to see why.

  10. I was stationed in Korea for two years in the early 90s and this sort of thing didn’t go on. Not saying that we didn’t have soldiers that showed their collective asses, but not at this level. I’m willing to bet that when these fools are identified that heads will roll.

  11. They keep hiring the lowest common denominator of people to be military and police these days. They use to be professions that were honored but with law enforcement that all changed when they started hiring applicants with low IQ’s. The military has lost respect after a nearly 20 year long war and how we’ve seen our government treats vets. Anyone with half a brain knows not to join, so the people most attracted to it are narcissists, bullies, and simpletons.

  12. As a Marine stationed in japan, majority of younger service members over seas are assholes and make out a bad name on the good ones

  13. Typical American soldiers, goes to foreign countries and fuck their shit up. Is this the service they get thanked for when they get back home?

  14. throwing fireworks in a busy place is considered a dick move everywhere in the world even kids now that.

    Now throwing said fireworks into the directions of a group of people that is next level asshole stupid.

  15. Hey America, I don’t know who needs to hear this, but nobody outside of your country gives a fuck about your holidays.

  16. I was in Korea a few years ago at a bar and three soldiers (highest rank was the two chevron I believe) and they were making these ladies extremely uncomfortable. I am a 6 foot tattood Korean American so I went over there to calm things down. The soldiers threatened to kick my ass and called me a g**k lover and ch*nk and all kinds of names. Those words stunned me for obvious reasons and then my Baltimore ghetto just came spewing out accent and insults and all. They left after they realized I, too was an American. Wonder how differently that would’ve went if it was a native Korean in that situation.

  17. Imagine some other culture doing stuff like this in the United States and president trump boycotting that country in every possible way….

  18. I live in Seoul and it was similar here. No video but super loud, rude, meathead mentality took over. The police showed up and shut it down around midnight but it was so damn embarrassing. I just wanted to walk around and enjoy the cool air but I felt that I would be associated with the behavior so I went home. It was so weird.

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