I want him at my funeral

I want him at my funeral 7

I want him at my funeral 8

I want him at my funeral

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  1. This might sound weird to y’all but we actually have these kind of people in my country. They come to the funeral and talk about sad stuff to make other people cry and they get paid for it handsomely

  2. Best scam, youd never know if he even did it. Just pocket it and wait, what are you gonna do rise from the grave for a refund

  3. Ok but how will you know if he actually did it. He could just not do it, like what are you gonna do ask for your money back?

  4. This was a thing in Ireland for centuries. Professional mourners. It created an entire song tradition, and is thought to be the origin of the Banshee myth.

  5. You my find this funny, but in my country, Croatia, similar as in other balkan countries with similar cultural influence in some aspects, like Serbia, there are women, who like this gentleman here are professional mourners, although they dont do it for money rather for sake of the familiy of the decised. Hope you liked my fun fact.

  6. I just want someone dressed in all black with a veil and parasol to stand silently at the back of the service, and drop a rose on my grave in the rain. Too much?

  7. Just the specialist I need. My Family and friends are primarily white, asian, or Hispanic…..this would confuse them so much it will give me just enough time to sell my soul to the devil and in return be reincarnated as one of those little bird things that dip their beaks into the water and go up and down…..I feel like I was meant for that life y’know

  8. Wait a minute, if the person who’s funeral it is ordered this guy how are you supposed to know if he actually delivers.

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