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I want this... 7

I want this... 8

I want this…

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  1. I would petition for fucking anti cheating, or qt leqst q report system, but apparently hats and pet decorations are more important.

    Every 4 out of 5 lobbies i join theres always someone hacking, either killin, reporting and auto skipping. Closing all doors and auto skipping meetings and reports. Or hell just plainly auto winning less then 1 second from the start of the round.

    I gotta ask why would people cheat in a game that doesnt reward you for doing it, theres no gain from instantly winning this type of game. Its like going to the cinema just for you to know the end of the movie without any context. Its like going to the cafe with friends just for you to skip the cafe all together and go back home.

  2. Petition for somebody to take care of our mini-o after we die. What happens to them? Why do they just lie at one place? Like come on people do something? WE CARE FOR OUR MINI-Os!

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