Identity theft scene from the office deepfaked with Dwight’s actual face

Identity theft scene from the office deepfaked with Dwight’s actual face

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Written by hugo santos


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  1. Whatever happened to the sentiment that this deep fake technology would not be available commercially and was only being used by Samsung in testing phases now? Like a week ago they animated the Mona Lisa and people were freaking out, and now we have reverse reversed office videos and people are laughing.

  2. Well, there’s still a lot of blurring going on, and it’s basically the texture and color of the skin mapped onto the other person’s geometry — so I can tell the difference. But if you put it in a grainy, bad copy that we get with live events or security cam footage — it’s could convince a lot of people. And mix that with people believing things that reinforce what they already believe; dangerous.

  3. Why is it so bad at doing teeth? I have yet to see a deepfake that didn’t look distinctly blurry/off. I know the tech will be there soon, but right now even the best fakes look wrong if you’re paying any kind of attention.

  4. This is actually pretty damn scary.. Our president is ummm… spontaneous? I could see him losing his shit over something made up and causing world war 3..

  5. Everybody’s terrified about deepfakes in the future, but I have yet to see one that convinces me at all.

    Blurry faces copied and pasted onto another, and as soon as they rotate their head it goes all wonky.

    Doesn’t mean it can’t be perfect in the future, but people must just be terrible at spotting real human faces if this or Obama/Trump fakes trick them.

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