I’m satisfied some canines simply KNOW they’re cute and take full benefit of it lol

I’m satisfied some canines simply KNOW they’re cute and take full benefit of it lol

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  1. I remember reading a study about street dogs where the researchers determined that the packs would “elect” the cute members to approach people because they would come back with more food.

  2. Dogs actually know when youre happy. So if they want to see you happy they do stuff that makes you happy, like ‘being cute’ = playing with you. I doubt they know they are being adorable, but they know you are happy.

  3. The cutest ones literally evolved into what we know as dogs… Imagine that little nanner-dude(ette?) trying to hunt for the next meal. I think it would be a lesson in futility.

    Slightly english-ed version of the thought process inside the noggin of that pupper:

    “But if I do this thing inside that big other thing, I get food twice a day for just doing that thing? Fuck yeah, I’m gonna do that thing where you stick out your tongue and open you eyes real wide to literally *pierce the inside of your soul* with affection and love. That’ll count as my hard work for today…”

  4. “Scientific research has revealed that they have developed muscles allowing them to raise an eyebrow and make their eyes seem larger and more child-like. The effect is to give them facial expressions similar to our own, triggering a nurturing response in humans.”

  5. They absolutely know they’re cute and know exactly how to use that to manipulate you.

    My ex’s dogs LOVE me, which annoys the hell out of her. Of course, they probably only love me because I sneak them food…

  6. What kind of dog is this? I’m working in South Korea and I swear every dog owner here has this same dog bread.

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