I’m sorry.

I'm sorry. 7

I'm sorry. 8

I’m sorry.

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  1. I have bubble wrap for everyone. I hope you enjoy! >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!<

  2. Not your fault. Fuck those loading screens that need your input! Just load it for fuck’s sake! And if it’s truly important for some people, then make it an option in the settings menu.

  3. Something similiar happend to me in No Mans Sky. After loading a E appiered in the middle of the screen and I thought it was sign for loading. Only After 20 minutes and a quick search on the internet I realised I had to press E :/

  4. I mean, this is soy milk (Korean translation), so it basically is real life dumb fuck juice. Fuck soy milk.

    That aside, nice meme. I relate to it on another level.

  5. Oh I’ve seen that drink before. Very tasty, I have gallons of that shit that I drink hear constantly.

  6. Ok, so. When No Mans Sky first released, I was a sucker and bought the pre order. Got my shitty laptop ready, loaded up the game. Then that E showed up on my screen. At the time I was a bored kid just taping on my keyboard, so I guess I hit the key. The meter partially filled up and then I stoped. Thought this was another loading screen and once again blamed by crap laptop for taking so long.

    I sat there for 15 minutes waiting for it to load. I eventually just closed the game and went to dinner. Tried to load it a few days later. Same thing. Got bored and gave up. A week later I go to play and do the bored tapping again. This time I hit the E key and realize my mistake.

    My dumbass was supposed to hold I the E key but I thought it was a loading screen for a week.

  7. I clicked the home button on accident and it flung me all the way back up thank the Reddit gods for the history button to show you the memes you passed.

  8. The dumb fuck juice made me laugh out loud and really out loud, not like a short laugh but an all out on. I laughed before I even thought about the meme, dumb fuck juice is funny.

  9. If you have to continue anyways then why even ask player to press a key fot it. It’s design mistake

  10. This is so me and Tell Me Why lol. Also, if u hadn’t played it, quit Reddit and go download first episode free on Steam. That’s an order.

  11. That’s how it is with the customers paying with WIC/SNAP only for the pin pad machine waiting on them to confirm the payment.

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