In my days………

In my days......... 7

In my days......... 8

In my days………

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  1. With 10 cents in their pockets (on good days). Trying to read a book with a lamp while driving through in a tank.

  2. FAKE!! Where were the erupting volcanoes? Where was the tornado? DON’T LET YOURSELF BE FOOLED BY SUCH KARMAWHORES!!!

  3. “Back in my day we didn’t go to SCHOOL. We went to NORMANDY, IWO JIMA, MIDWAY, our education came in the form of how much morphine you can take before you OD, just how much you can drink before you can’t fight, and how to calculate the time before your buddy Jason bleeds out in your arms… Jason…”

  4. Yup! Went to school in Central America in the 1980s, looks pretty accurate for my 90 minute bus rides to and from school.

  5. Wait a minute. I joke you not, that was me in that tank going ham. I remember that exact game and just seeing a jeep go whizzing by and me and my friends were like “That man is on a mission”. This is such a huge coincidence. (Well I sure hope at least that it was me, or I’ll just look like a fool)

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