Into the wild

Into the wild

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Written by hugo santos


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  1. So my dad loves the fake snake prank. They can be anywhere at anytime. Well I’m so used to them by now I don’t flinch really anymore. You know what else I don’t flinch at? Real snakes. I almost got bit by a rat snake cleaning out a storage building the other day, the snake was in a box under some shirts when I saw the tail, I laughed and thought that dumb old man. When I saw the head move toward me I realized my father had not been to this storage building. That was when I dodged the lazy strike.

  2. I did this with my cousin (but he knew about it to prank our parents).

    Camping on a lake. Found a large dead snake that ate a fishing line. Our 12 year old selves thought it would be HILARIOUS to tie the other end of the fishing line to my cousin’s swim trunks and have him run screaming through camp.

    Mom’s didn’t find it so funny. Dad’s totally did.

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