It actually does really feel like that generally

It actually does really feel like that generally 7

It actually does really feel like that generally 8

It actually does really feel like that generally

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  1. I remember thinking why would I ever need more than 2 tbs… now I scramble around folders looking for the 40 gigs of mods and bullshit I know is somewhere that I can delete to free some space.

  2. Do what I did, delete call of duty, the second I saw that HUGE update I just said nah you’re not worth the bandwidth or hard drive space.

    Part of me suspects it’s on purpose. In a game with microtransactions, they want it to be your only game, so you keep spending. Why not make it so big that you have to remove other games eh?

  3. My friends ever heard of dark souls? Its so small that i can have all the souls games AND red dead redemption, witcher 3 and doom eternal.

  4. Haha! Yes games take up all the space on my hard drive! Also, please don’t look at my folder labeled “Homework/Taxes”

  5. I haven’t played games since like forever, do really games take this space now? The biggest game i remember was like 25 gb or something and i had to uninstall everything for it.

  6. My three 2TB hard drives and 500gb internal memory have never been so offended…yet I agree with you completely haha!

  7. I feel it’s partly due to a few giant games, like, originally GTA V was unholy large. Then BF1, and so on. And people didn’t kick up because it just about fit. And I guess they just haven’t tried to keep it down. I’m sure there’s optimisations and things they just haven’t bothered doing because no-one seems to care.
    And then now you can literally fit no more than 3 games at a time on a 500gb PS4 (which for some reason always wants 100gb free.)

  8. We didn’t had 4k textures 10 years ago. And compression algorithms didn’t change that much in 10 years unfortunatly

  9. Shadow of War is the biggest “little” game I’ve ever installed, and No Man’s Sky is the smallest big game.
    But on the flip side with all the streaming channels we luckily have a little bit of extra free space because we don’t need it for series and movies.

  10. Modern warfare is literally 10% of my entire 1tb storage and it’s probably going to eat my fucking xbox by the end of the year.

  11. It’s what I believe going to eventually be the bottleneck for the upcoming consoles. Sure the ability to load cinematic models fast is nice and all, but no developer would realistically mandate that all of the users should download that quality for the final product on such limited space.

  12. If I had 1tb of storage to myself I could fit so many fucking games

    But I share a p4 with my brother and he has so many 100g games, 50g etc

  13. It’s like that for all my friends they always complain about storage but I have 1tb with about 15 games on my ps4 and still have a lot left

  14. What games do you play that take up so much storage? I don’t have many games but the ones I have take up less than 100 gigs.

  15. To be honest I’m on 1TB and I have 149 games installed. Granted, a lot of them are older games but 1TB is more than enough for me right now. I don’t need an upgrade right now, so it seems like a waste of money to get one until I do.

  16. Bought myself a gaming laptop with 1TB HDD and I’m struggling to fill all of it, guess I’m doing something wrong

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