It hurts

It hurts 7

It hurts 8

It hurts

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  1. Honestly, those of us that had to deal with this are now those people you watch take a right hook unprepared and then get up unfazed. Them: “What the hell?” Me: “My mom hit me harder than that.”

  2. Boomers and Gen X:
    “I’m gonna give you a reason to cry”

    *proceeds to fuck the environment, the economy, and occupies the majority of the job market and then proceeds to blame you for not having 20 years of experience at the age of 15*

  3. I hate that logic hitting your child harder or yelling at them because they’re crying is dumb because then they will hide their feeling and if they’re sad instead of saying anything

  4. I get that this is a meme and I hate to be the party pooper here but slapping really needs to be considered physical abuse rather than correction. Like there is no scientific evidence to suggest that hitting your kids makes them better people, but there is plenty to suggest that it makes them worse. Meme lords of reddit, please don’t hit your kids.

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Y’all like my new shirt?

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