It is annoying af

It is annoying af 7

It is annoying af 8

It is annoying af

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  1. You can change the setting. Simply open twitch, go to settinings on the top right, then go to general. After going to general, check the box that says:

    When I Close the App: Minimize Twitch, Hide Twitch, or Exit Twitch

    Checkmark Exit Twitch, then also turn off Launch on Start (if you want.)

  2. Shoutouts to chat popping out every time someone gifts a sub. If you’re in a big stream where this happens often, you likely are going to be closing chat anyway, and it just keeps popping open!

  3. It’s fucking annoying as fuck. If I clicked the X it should shut the fuck down.

    Also I don’t want to listen to blabbering idiots whenever I open up twitch, it’s also annoying.

  4. So this is also literally Netflix on mobile now but you can go to a completely different app and it’ll still be there playing hunter x hunter

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“It is humorous how we each ended up right here”

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