It nearly at all times occurs

It nearly at all times occurs 7

It nearly at all times occurs 8

It nearly at all times occurs

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  1. One of my best friends from primary school randomly decided to cut all ties with me.

    We got along the last time we talked so I was really confused as to why.

    This post hits.

  2. Happens at Uni too. I’ve just started a PhD and there is only one other person from my undergrad there. We started our undergrad together and we’re going through PhD together but I don’t see the rest of our cohort

  3. you know what, i’m gonna message him right now. we haven’t spoken in 4 years

    EDIT, HE RESPONDED: he said he’s been doing really well in life.
    he added me on discord and we talked for about 2 hours, i don’t know what else to say really- there were a lot of sad things he told me, a lot of good things. we just kinda reminisced about playing video games together back in secondary school

  4. After this there’s the fact that you can’t make new friends because you’re an introvert and you stay alone for all high school

  5. I just reconnected with a whole bunch of my primary and high school friends through playing dnd and it was honestly one of the best decisions I’ve made in recent years

  6. All of my friends but one ended up going to the same high school (that one ended up going to that high school) and I was the only one who didn’t go there

  7. As a person in 10 th grade…Sigh you right… Take the free award my guy.

    Time to listen to king crimson and cry.

  8. The best and most long lasting friends I’ve had I found in my 20s.

    School friends are good, the next bunch are even better.

  9. My highschool friends took an honest effort by creating group chats and doing meet ups, it really works! ^^

    Would totally recommend ;3

  10. I was the only person to go to my highschool everyone else in my year all went to the same school as each other.

  11. 2 years ago when I started High School, my friend who moved unfollowed me and my friends on Instagram. the worst part is, he still follows our other friends he’s not always together with

  12. Your friends changing servers, then playing completely different games altogether. While you sit in the Minecraft mansion you and the gang were going to decorate, alone.

  13. The most important thing about friendships is that like all relationships, they need to be maintained. Which means being proactive (call them up regularly, develop hobbies, invite them to hang out). Some will naturally move on from the friendship, and if that happens, let it be with good memories and on good terms.

    You don’t grow a beautiful garden by hoping for fair weather.

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