It will get actually disgusting if it occurs..

It will get actually disgusting if it occurs..

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  1. Bad company 2 is what got me out of the call of duty trend. My brother in law got me to play when I was home on vacation and I just fell in love with the game. Destructable buildings and everything, it was awesome! I miss that feeling.

  2. If BBC3 had that type of cover, I’d know that it’s lost all of its original flavor.

    Bad Company wasn’t the “Hardcore Macho” Brigade. It was the “Aw shit, I blew up the cameraman” Squad.

  3. Bad company 2 was the last bf I really played, before all the DLC, skins, and other crap they added to BF 3, I think when there was this season pass introduced in BF3 I stopped playing it on the same day.

  4. im over it, EA hasn’t made a decent battlefield (in my own opinion) since BF3, everything after has failed to catch my attention & so much time has passed, dice arent who they used to be 😭

  5. Battlefield NEEDS this,since bc2 they’ve become a clone of all other games. COD is just as bad,if they had really stuck with their own thing instead of copying each other we wouldnt have the abominations that are fornite and co getting so much glory.

    I remember when Battlefield (never really liked COD but it was Battlefields rival so worth a mention i guess) had the market covered and the buzz from a new release was all over the net. Now if i blindfolded a gamer whilst i loaded either game i doubt they’d tell a difference.

    Side note, put the weapon loadouts back aswell,assault should have ammo and an assault rifle, medic a health pack and heavy rifle. Engineer smg and explosives.That switch made no sense to me.

  6. Man, this hits home. I spent so many evenings playing BC2 with my uni buddies back in the day. Sadly one’s dead and the other one went off the grid (probably moved away and didn’t let me know).

    Great memories, though.

  7. Bad Company was the first shooter I ever played. I sucked at it because I was a kid, but I remember being mesmerized by it.

  8. I’d be happy if it was a pure single player/co-op game, but that bc2 multiplayer was fucking amazing so would probably want that too haha.

  9. Bad Company 2 is what got me into fps. I always hated them cuz I sucked at them but my buddy showed me Bad Company 2 and told me to just keep trying and now fps is my favorite genre. I would love a remaster!!

  10. There was that one Chinese map in BF4 that involved taking down the main building. There’d be master chopper pilots just farming kills from the top of that building as well as the ground below. I’m talking 50+ kills. It was so satisfying to use the laser-guided (chopper pilot doesn’t get a warning when targeted) missile and cripple/kill them. More often than not, they’d ragequit like the total wusses that they were.

  11. Do we plant the bomb at B and defend it?

    Or do we drop the entire building on top of B and destroy it in the process?

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