It’s just business

It’s just business 7

It’s just business 8

It’s just business

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  1. “We can charge the stupid son-of-a-bitch 10% compound interest semi-annually because he doesn’t even know what that means! Haha!”

  2. When the $USD hyperinflates and central banks lose control of the paper ponzi as all fiat currencies have before it, perhaps we can reconvene, in an ethereal sense.

    Governments/war machines and banks sleeping in the same bed, and the mistake that an “economy” is an entity to be controlled, or, as you like to phrase, “gassed or breaked” by some central authority, rather than a symptom of willing individuals acting in mutual benefit to all involved, so long as violence and coercion are curtailed properly, is where we fatally differ in terms of ethos.

    Economies are not entities in and of themselves, to be dictated and directed, but rather a symptom of individuals acting and interacting on a micro or macro scale.

    For the record, I couldn’t care less what comes out of any politician’s mouth whatsoever, and voting doesn’t matter. The Leviathan, for brevity’s sake, controls the narrative. They are a band of thieves writ large, as Dr. Rothbard once put it.

    I have no care given nor a thought spent on GOP, “Those dang Dem’s”. They are the left and right hands of the banking entities that lend at interest, and great profitability, to the unceasing wars, and the existence of statism is the fulcrum by which they execute so very, very effectively their profit model.

    Banks aren’t evil. They’re a historically demanded service to protect wealth.

    When they get in bed with states, however, you have a very dangerous monopoly of force and the most demanded good in a given economy on your hands, resulting in enslavement.

    I wish you well, and hope you divest to real monies, or at least out of fiat.

  3. This could be easily remade with the government holding the gun, the citizens with their hands up, and an obtuse, economically unviable, idiotic ploy to make the citizens safer at cost of life and liberty.

    It still wouldn’t be funny, but at least it would be pertinent.

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