Its simping time

Its simping time 6

Its simping time 7

Its simping time

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  1. Honestly simps really bother me. They’re the reason girls can earn 30k a month for showing some nudes… sometimes not even that, just teasing.
    While there’s so much for free…

  2. Honestly gaming has gotten so much easier ever since I stopped admitting that I’m a girl in chats- getting kicked out of teams or clans for refusing to give my social media was getting old x)

  3. Simp: •A man that puts himself in a [subservient]/submissive position under women in hopes of winning them over, without the female bringing anything to the table.

    •A man that puts too much value on a female for no reason .

    •A man that prides himself with “[Chivalry]” in hopes of getting sexual gratification form women .

    •A square with no game other than “[Rolling out] the Red-Carpet” for every female.
    The perfect example of a “Simp” Man would be:

    The role Eddy Murphy played in the movie “[Norbit]”,

    The role of [Kevin James] in the show “Kind of Queens”,

    A “[Yes Dear], Man” Simp

  4. this chat be like:

    simp: will you marry me?

    random girl: no i dont even know u wtf


    edit: and yes, this was a doctor who reference

  5. Go to oemgle and kill me if not 7/10 of the chats start with the following:

    I’m all horny
    Can I get your Snapchat?

    I bet my life. Omegle’s discription : Internet is full of cool people!

    Reality: Internet is full of horny simps!

  6. Oh my gosh i got so many flashbacks to my coc time
    This literally happened every day to me as a girl
    But it was funny

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"The Marines haven't any race issues. They deal with all people like they're black." - Normal Daniel "Chappie" James 18

“The Marines haven’t any race issues. They deal with all people like they’re black.” – Normal Daniel “Chappie” James

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Service pitbull coaching to guard his proprietor’s head when she has a seizure