Its the best

Its the best 6

Its the best 7

Its the best

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  1. Can someone explain this? Not sure if I’ve just been missing out on something my whole life but doesnt it always taste the same?

  2. Nothing like a nice gulp of water when you wake up in the middle of the night. It restores your energy for sleeping.

  3. But doesn’t nature actually bloom at night? Growth in plants happens in the dark because during the day they basically just eating up the sun and CO2, during the night they take the energy they got during the day and use it, to actually grow. You can literally force plants to grow faster by depriving them of light for longer then they naturally would have been at night. (As long as you had let them store energy.)

  4. Ok then what’s wrong with me? I love a good gulp most of the time, but I always dread the mid-night piss and sip because my water tastes like a mothball smoothie that’s just been exhumed. Am I broken?

    Edit for clarification: The piss is in the bathroom. The sip is from a glass on my nightstand. The two are not connected.

  5. Unless it’s at night during a Texan Flash Freeze without electricity or running water.

    Yep, I’m going to keep commenting this until our situation is recognized!

  6. I never thought about this. That being said, I just finished two bottles of water and it’s 1am meanwhile I only had a few gulps of water all day so maybe you’re right

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