Jehovah’s witnesses on Halloween

Jehovah’s witnesses on Halloween 7

Jehovah’s witnesses on Halloween 8

Jehovah’s witnesses on Halloween

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  1. At my first apartment I actually took the time to engage with them, they would get stumped and return with a more senior member. I thought I was getting close to the final boss but then I had to move.

  2. One day I was underneath my car draining the oil and;
    … these guys actually asked me if I am busy and have time to talk about Jehovah!!!

  3. Wasn’t that impressed with unsolicited visits until I did remuneration (door to door census) one summer. The amount of lonely people in the world is horrific. They were so happy to have someone to talk to. Decided that for some people Jehovah Witnesses are their only visitors and I was happy to know they were there.

  4. When I first moved to the US South, I had a group of Christians that would come to my door every single Sunday and try to get me to join their church. I was hungover every single time and hated them so much. I ended up putting a sign on my door, that I was happy with my version of God and to please have a good day somewhere else, and they stopped. When I bought my house, first thing I did was install a peephole. Now I just don’t open the door, park my car in garage and act like I’m not home.

    My dad used to open the door in tighty whities, with a beer and a shotgun. We would only get one visit per house. (We moved a lot)

  5. The MOST annoying religion. If you tell them that you’re banned from the church, they can’t talk to you anymore. Lifehack.

  6. When I was a retail sales manager, I got lucky enough to strike a vein of JDub candidates and hired everyone of them that came for an interview. Insanely reliable, honest, and damn could they handle sales rejection like a champ.

  7. ex-Witness here, this is true.

    If Witnesses come to your door, ask them about the file they have of known pedophiles still working within their congregations today, that they were unwilling to relinquish despite a court order and a daily fine.

    If you don’t want them to come back, ask to be put on their do-not-call list and they won’t come to your address.

  8. I had some JWs come to my door and I decided to be polite because my dad as a kid always spent time chatting with them even though we wasn’t interested or religious. I thought I would be nice too and allowed them to speak. They went straight to the Book of Genesis which is basically one of the books that talks about creation. I politely said to them that I firmly believe in evolution etc. These two old lady’s eyes widened and as they took step back they simply said, “Thank you, we will never darken your doorstep again.” And that was that… never saw them again.

  9. There’s a YouTuber named “Telltale” who has a channel with a ton of videos on them. They seem to run their Church like Scientology does. He sells signs you can put up if you don’t want them knocking on your door.

  10. I grew up on a farm. The nearest house was a mile away down a muddy farm track. Didn’t stop two making the journey to knock on our door at 9 am ON CHRISTMAS DAY.

    I can still hear my dad saying “What the… OH FUCK OFF!!”

  11. One of my neighbor’s was a jehova and as a kid I didn’t know and went to their dark house on Halloween (Just thought it was spooky) they yelled at me that they don’t celebrate Halloween and slammed the door in my face. I dunno why I never thought to give them the same courtesy they gave me as a child. From now on I will.

    edit: typo

  12. As a kid raised as a Jehoober, Halloween always made me so sad. All the kids in the neighborhood got to dress up and trick or treat and I had to sit in the house hearing them outside having fun.

    Really fucking sucked growing up in that cult.

  13. Fucking sucks man, from an early age the doctrine of “blood guilt” is put on you. That means that if you don’t go out and preach, when god comes back to kill everyone at Armageddon, the blood of the people you didn’t preach to will be on your hands. Totally not a cult tho that sucked away my entire childhood and teenage years.

  14. Simple rule seems to have developed around where I live over the years: if they have a Jack’o’lantern burning, they want you to knock, and if they don’t, they don’t. People come and take in their pumpkins when they’ve had enough and want to be left to watch the telly in peace. Straightforward solution that lets kids enjoy themselves safely and leaves older people who don’t want to be annoyed/scared in peace.

  15. I’m in the South and we almost never have witnesses or Mormons coming door to door here. Is this more prevalent in other areas of the country? I think it’s happened once in my whole life and I just said “no” and they left.

  16. About 10 years ago we told our local jehovah’s witnesses that we are a family of satanic worshipers, we have never had a knock from them ever since.

  17. Just have some candy bars ready throughout the month. Whenever some jw knock your door, be amazed and tell them you totally dig their costumes. And when they explain, these are not costumes, be surprised how well they mimic jw up to the finest detail.

    Hand out candy bars and shut the door.

  18. Fun fact: The little blurb of text at the beginning of Thriller was done to appease Michael Jackson. As a practicing Jehovah’s Witness at the time, he was warned by the local church leaders that his video promoted demon worship and threatened with excommunication. Jackson tried to have the negatives destroyed but was calmed down by his assistant, John Branca, who suggested he distance his own beliefs from the video via that text at the beginning. Trick or treat!

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