John Wick performing as Keanu Reeves

John Wick performing as Keanu Reeves

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Written by hugo santos


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  1. Can you imagine being Keanu, shooting guns all day like an absolute professional and having a team of hot girls cheering you on after every run. Not because they have to, but because they genuinely support you. Fuck, being Keanu must be awesome and he seems like he deserves it too.

  2. Here in Turkey we have obligatory military service for males going from 3 to 9 months and they generally make you shoot 3 bullets using a G3 rifle for the entire service.

    This guy shoots more bullets than entire batallions do in a year, lol.

  3. “Keanu, I have a proposition for you. I want to pay you millions of dollars to pretend your a badass assisin for a couple month as we film this movie. BUT WAIT!!! There’s a caviat. First I’m going to pay to have a bunch of gorgeous women teach you how to shoot guns. Think about it. “

  4. For people that practice shooting like this, with your “off” hand is there a way to be more accurate other than practice? Like forearm / wrist exercises for stability?

  5. Imagine if your job for the day was to just go shoot a ton of guns, surrounded by good looking women cheering you on.

    God, it would just be so hard to get out of bed for that.

  6. Weak-hand shooting isn’t easy because your strong-hand is usually your strong eye…except in my case. I’m right-handed but left eye dominant. Makes shooting really interesting for me. I will shoot a rifle left-handed but handguns right-handed.

  7. I watched the older video of him doing this before ever seeing the movies. It’s actually what made me check them out just out of respect of how much training he put into this role. I was not disappointed either, as most people would have told me to begin with. Some of the coolest gunfights I’ve watched.

    He is a straight up, real-life mercenary.

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