Juno, the Scottish rescue canine.

Juno, the Scottish rescue canine. 6

Juno, the Scottish rescue canine. 7

Juno, the Scottish rescue canine.

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  1. I have so many questions! Is she the rescuee or the rescuer? Is she Scottish, or does she only rescue missing Scots? How do you deal with that face?

  2. Who would not want to rescue this good girl she’s so cute!☺️Hope you guys had fun wherever you are at! I think that you guys are at a sort of lake?

  3. 100% best doggo

    If presented with another doggo as counter point, will amend statement to 100% best doggos indefinitely

  4. This looks like a picture from a fairytale. Is that a giant cluster of mushrooms, hanging over a waterfall, behind the majestic dogo?

  5. I have a Juno as well. She has three legs and hates everything and everyone except food, walks, and ear scratches.

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