Keep in mind when video games had reasonable shotguns within the 90s?

Keep in mind when video games had reasonable shotguns within the 90s?

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  1. i mean if shotguns ingame would be realistic all every1 would ever use is automatic shotgun, those are incredibly lethal

  2. That shit was busted back then, guess what shotguns in real life are busted. Hitting a turkey from 40ft away and tearing its head off………..yeah

  3. It’s funny how long range shotguns can be. I remember that they use shotguns to hunt birds and those birds can be super far away and still get hit. It’s kind of funny how I still got the wrong impression when I played video games even though I watched it in real life.

  4. Escape from Tarkov did shotguns pretty good, they don’t go like 50 meters but they’re the best in any video game I’ve played so far.

  5. Shotguns are too op irl, we have to nerf them in the Earth 2021 Patch. This 2020.SARS.CoV.2 update is very buggy and frankly I’m just sick of it.

  6. In Counter-Strike 1.6 I once got a headshot with the 12 gauge pump on Aztec from across the open pit on someone hiding on the CT side near a box.

  7. I like the shotguns In RDR2 because you can buy slugs for them and it makes them way more effective at range.

  8. Its because video game maps are usually small and realistic shotguns would be super op at such ranges. Also it lets shotguns have a niche of really strong close range but bad long range. So the smgs and other guns have a place to be.

  9. Also you get a tighter pellet spread if you aim down sights is some games like call of duty modernwarfare.

  10. 20m???? I can’t even tickle anyone with my M1014 if they are not within 5m. At 10m they don’t even turn around when I’m shooting them in the back.


  11. I think it was BF3 that had a glitched shotgun that could no scope headshot from clear across the map and it was always a 1 hit kill.

  12. Ahh the days of having to use different tricks and what not to get around the fact that simulating the ballistics of a bullet in a video game is really computationally expensive (still kinda is)

  13. The reason for this is that most shooters evolved to have map sizes that are much smaller than the range you would normally be shooting at someone in real life. Because of this, shotguns had to lose a lot of range for balance purposes or else they would be OP in almost all shooters. Thankfully, some games like Battlefield and even Call of Duty these days have been getting bigger and bigger maps, allowing shotguns to gradually become a tad more realistic without making them OP in a game sense.

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