Keep it to yourself Europeans

Keep it to yourself Europeans

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  1. I knew this scene was epic first time I saw it. Don annihilated the guy. Little guy later went on to work at Cloud 9 minus a nipple.

  2. You all realise that this is the episode where Don felt so insecure about his pitch that he threw out Ginsberg’s to sabotage him?

    He says “I don’t think about you at all.” But the fact is that Don is scared of and feels inferior to Ginsberg.

  3. Here come the blanket statements and generalizations. Just what reddit needs, another nationalistic circle jerk.

  4. I feel bad that earlier I was talking about how everyone I know here from Iceland that has gone to America talk about how big all the food is and stuff like that. They still enjoyed visiting America but the food was always too much for them. And no they weren’t skinny people. But I still hope to visit America one day.

  5. I lived in Europe for over half a decade. Here’s the thing:

    American media is still heavily consumed by Europe. The film industry exploded in the US over a hundred years ago, and it is still titanic. As a result, many in Europe watch a fair mix of their own country’s media and American made films and television. So this translates into a loose (and sometimes inaccurate or sensationalized) grasp on American culture.

    The United States constantly airs its dirty laundry through EXTREMELY long political election cycles, with very little oversight on the amounts of money spent by campaigns and seemingly no repercussions from slandering and beefing with each other. Our political process is essentially a reality television series, and YES, some people abroad pay attention to American politics because of how fucked up and clownish it is. They understand it has a ripple effect to a degree and might peripherally impact them, but they are removed from it enough to not have a huge stake in it, and so it is laughing stock. Especially when you have people like Trump running things.

    Flights to places like Florida from say, the UK, can be found for little money. That, along with the contrasting weather and the dollar being so weak, makes taking a trip to the states pretty enticing. It’s not uncommon to find a European who has spent a decent amount of time in the states, even if just on holiday.

    The majority of Americans never travel outside their country. A huge amount of us don’t even have passports. How many European television shows can you name? How about current bands? Americans just don’t consume foreign entertainment at the same rate, possibly because we produce so much content ourselves. So we don’t benefit from the same education by osmosis.

    Also, while it’s true that a lot of Americans can’t locate European countries on a map, there are Europeans who can’t do that either. There are uneducated people everywhere, but I really do believe the lack of foreign media in the US is a large reason why Americans are generally ignorant of other cultures. That, and the toxic brainwashing that’s been prevalent here for hundreds of years that we are THE single greatest country on earth. We aren’t. Far from it.

  6. This happens all the time on reddit.

    Reddit user: OMG I was looking at your post history and you post in…<insert subreddit here>, so your opinion on this topic is invalid.

    Other reddit user: I didn’t even think to look at your post history, because it doesn’t matter to me.

  7. Yeah, the amount of people having opinions about Sweden without even having been here in their life begs to differ.

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