Kid saves a life of a 13 year old boy online meanwhile cheating in CS:GO

Kid saves a life of a 13 year old boy online meanwhile cheating in CS:GO

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  1. Mad respect to the kid for recognizing that there was an issue and taking action.

    That being said, this is fucking hilarious LOL. I always wondered what it looks like from the cheaters perspective when they’re spinbotting, because I could imagine its impossible to move smoothly like that. But this explains it all.

  2. I have a feeling he’s doing it as a joke for his friends, which I feel like is hilarious… spin botting on tv and these people have no clue unless you play. I’d definitely pull this shit as a joke and become a meme in the csgo community

  3. Maybe the kid is just trolling for viewers who know CS. Why would you use hacks on a aim server? That makes zero sense, other than if you were trying to make someone in the know laugh when they saw it.

  4. My parents would have had a different reaction at that age.

    “But I have to stay online, this guy says hes going to kill himself!”

    “I don’t care turn off the computer now!”

  5. I’m going to go with this is a guy and his buddies trolling the news and viewers.

    They probably told them before hand that they’re going to film him playing and all his friends told him that it would be amazing if he went into an aim arena with hacks.

    No kid who’s smart enough to help a friend like that would also be dumb enough to hack on tv in an aim arena.

    Joke among friends and they probably loved every second of it. As they should, that shit is pretty funny. GGWP

  6. Is this fun at all? I mean, that just looks boring. Would you go to these lengths of glitching into the wall for rank and points? It looks like work instead of playing

  7. Its almost like this is a video by The Onion. I mean, if he really saved the life of the other kid, I can look a little past the hacking but damn…come on, man.

  8. I’ll never understand the motivation of cheating on a game like this. Not only does it take the fun out of it but it actively decreases your skill level. Once you get on a server that has countermeasures you’re going to suck.

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