Laughs in german

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Laughs in german

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  1. I’m 22 and losing my hair. I went to a glass shop while wearing a face mask recently to buy a bunch of weed paraphernalia. When I asked the guy ringing me up if he needed to see my ID, he replied “Nah it’s alright, you can just tell with some people.”

    Like, dude I’m barely old enough to buy this 🙁

  2. Same in czech. When I was in elementary school my classmates often didnt had problem with buying alcohol or cigarets.

  3. Ich liebe es das du nur Deutschland erwähnen musst und die ganze kommentarsektion ist entweder mit deutschen “Memes” oder beleidigungen überschwemmt, I love you al xD

  4. Our 15 yrs old German exchange student told us they can drink at young age. Men in US can fight in a war and die at 18 but can’t drink beer. Idky

  5. Ich hab den Körperbau eines 19 Jährigen, den Bartwuchs eines 25-jährigen, ohne deo den Geruch eines 30-jährigen und die Größe eines 13 Jährigen. die verkäufer sind immer ziemlich verwirrt

  6. Halloo, Germans! We welcome you with whiskey, because our beer doesn’t taste as good as yours. Thank you for the sausages and burgers, we’ve really made it our own.

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