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  1. I made this today after work just to practice making a frame by frame GIF, and although the Bernie memes have been a dime a dozen and I’ve only seen a couple good ones (e.g. Ghost pottery scene, the Jason Momoa outdoor chair one), I figured it was worth a shot to make something at least I thought was funny which happened to be Bernie’s dissatisfied frugal ass adorable mug roll by on the way to da club.


    Sorry for leaving the audio on in the file! I didn’t realize it was there till I watched it while listening to music.

  2. “I don’t know what you heard about me

    Been working for our nation’s families

    Fix Healthcare and wealth inequity

    Cause I’m that motherfuckin B- e -r-nie”

  3. I haven’t found this new Bernie meme very funny. He wore his old coat, poofy gloves, and sat with his legs crossed. It was a good picture, but I don’t understand the reaction. Just looks normal. Maybe it’s because I dress the same way irl causing it not to phase me.

    All that said, the surprise and subtlety of this one got me and I lost it. Well done.

  4. This is my favorite so far. It occurred to me in the last couple of days that I really get the sense of love that people have for Bernie. I’ve seen cookies, embroidery, paintings of all sorts and the list goes on. Makes me smile with every one I see. ❤️

  5. I suck at memes but this gave me an idea for someone to make Bernie sitting on the porch with ice cube and Chris tucker in Friday.

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