Linux loves being carried by my father

Linux loves being carried by my father 7

Linux loves being carried by my father 8

Linux loves being carried by my father

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  1. My Stepmother’s Maine Coon Ghenghis wanted to be around-the-shoulder carried like this all the time. However the big bastard wouldn’t ask, he’d lurk on the shelf by the door and wait for a foolish victim to stop to take their shoes off.

  2. I recognize his cautious walk when shouldering kitty lol you never know when they are going to panic and use your neck and shoulder as a launching pad to the floor. Even if it happens once you never forget lol
    Adorable father and kitty ❤️

  3. I too have a main coon who shoulder rides. His name is Spartacus. However, my little guy will just climb up me with his claws which is very painful. He will sometimes even just jump on me out of nowhere and climb up my back.

    This dude is far more polite waiting to be picked up.

  4. Lucky… I have two cats. As soon as I try to even bend to pick one.. They both run away. They hate being picked up… I had cats my whole life and first time I have cats who hate it. Im sad 🙁

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Time journey is sophisticated.

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