Living in the tunnels of New York City

Living in the tunnels of New York City

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Written by hugo santos


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  1. So, like, I just imagine the day he wakes up like any other normal morning, ready to do a couple of things on the outside. He’s feeling spirited from having been filmed recently about his odd quarters and gets recognized infrequently in the streets.

    Except the hatch can’t be lifted this time. And nobody can hear him.

    Hard pass.

  2. I like the cut of this guy’s jib. Sure, he’s got issues, but he keeps them and himself, to himself. He’s just living his life. I hope he’s happy.

  3. I wonder if he’s still living there. There must be a documentary on people who live like this. I remember watching a similar video but with a former adult actress living underground in Las Vegas.

  4. This content makes you ponder…

    It’s fucked up that everybody (especially those in the U.S., considering the wealth of the nation) can’t own their own little slice of heaven. While every system has its benefits, I find it shit that somebody can buy property in America and rent it out for profit, then buy more property from the profit to repeat the cycle as their wealth grows.

    That’s one issue I feel the government should be involved in. Regulation of land/property ownership by an individual or small group of individuals as a collective.

    Like some of these massive wealthy in Texas that own state sized properties. “Eh, don’t have the resources to properly utilize all this land… I sure as hell don’t want other people to have any of it”.

    I remember 8 years ago, renting a pretty nice place from a 24 year old. He borrowed money from his father and began buying property. Good for him, right? Well he was making a pretty significant amount of profit from the rent and he continued to buy more and more. This one small neighborhood he owned about 6 duplex. He then began buying vacant land and building brand new ones. By the time I had left that area, he owned the 6 duplex and had built 10 more brand new, top quality ones. This is the property that I knew of. So in this circumstance this one individual owned 32 living spaces that could house 32 full sized families.

    At what point is it considered that this act is essentially taking away from other people. At a point where you already have hundreds of thousands to millions in profit and income, but you still keep buying more and more (preventing anybody else from the opportunity to acquire that small piece for themselves).

    Idk, I could continue explaining because it’s a complex issue and there’s no good resolution to this problem. Half of reddit will disagree and say it’s not a problem. When does the shit turn on its end and the have-nots decide they own nothing and have nothing to lose, so they burn this mother fucker to the ground?

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