Lock Picking Lawyer Video Lasting 1:28. You know it’ll be good.

Lock Picking Lawyer Video Lasting 1:28. You know it’ll be good.

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  1. I was packing the day before a camping trip. Can’t find my hitch lock key anywhere….. go online looking for ways to unlock my camper so I can head out in the morning, and they recommended a shim of metal like this. The bar across the top wasn’t like this one, more like a padlock u that most masterlocks use just bigger. Guess what opened my camper hitch lock up in 30 seconds of jiggling……. a dollar store potato peeler………

  2. I love the LockPickingLawyer. If i’ve learned anything from that channel is that anyone can break into a lock given enough time. And it really doesn’t take that long.

  3. This is interesting, and one week too late for me. Thieves got through my coupler lock exactly one week ago, stealing my full camper from my driveway. We were planning on going camping that morning and it was full of all our camping gear. I’m still having a hard time digesting that it’s all gone.

  4. I was looking at buying a lock like this for my trailer, but what I’ve been doing is taking the wheels off of it and locking them up in the garage. I don’t use the trailer more than about once a month, and as an added bonus, the tires won’t be sitting in the sun all the time.

  5. Has he ever explained why he never shows his face? I remember one video featured some kind of shiny reflective object, and he covered his face with a bandana so that you couldn’t see him in the reflection.

  6. The real attack on this would be to give it a whack with a hammer, then skip the whole thing and simply chain up the hitch and drive off to somewhere you can use a cordless grinder.

    Source: Knew someone who lost her worldly possessions this way while moving with a rental trailer.

  7. I just now realized my favorite thing about the lock picking lawyer… He’s an actual lawyer. He probably does well for himself without YouTube money, so his videos don’t contain the typical tropes of YouTube (subscription begging, clickbait title, videos with tons of filler so they are over 11 minutes), he just… Makes videos. They go straight to the point, and then they end. No Wadsworth necessary.

    It’s easy to blame YouTubers for this, the “smash that notification bell” catch phrase YouTuber is low hanging fruit as a scapegoat for everything that’s wrong with the platform, but they are, unfortunately, doing everything they are *required* to do to make money on the platform. And it’s YouTube who sets these rediculous, arbitrary standards for people in order to get their videos to trend. The platform is bullshit.

  8. Holy shit. I just went through a hand full of his videos and apparently had no clue how useless locks are. Basically there to keep either honest, or completely unskilled people out.

    Edit. Okay, I am going to revise a bit as I am not skilled at this but it seems on some of the videos it is audio related IE a “click”. I don’t know if the audio is required or if “feel” is enough. If audio is required attempting to listen for slight clicks where it is loud (any cityscape) would be difficult.

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