LockPickingLawyer decodes Master Lock Personal Safe by sight in seconds

LockPickingLawyer decodes Master Lock Personal Safe by sight in seconds

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Written by hugo santos


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  1. TIL how to look for gates in number locks

    You’d think there would be at least a rubber gasket in there preventing water/dust from clogging it, much less seeing the gates.

    Like he said, that would be a handy little storage container for outside events/activities. Kinda bummed.

  2. I really feel lock manufactures either need to watch his videos or need to hire him during the R&D process.

    Then again majority of thieves don’t know how to pick as well as him which is probably why minimal effort goes into mass produced locks.

  3. Holy fucking shit. I have had one of these for three years and immediately after I placed some money and a house key in it, I lost the combo. It’s been in my trunk for that whole time. I’m going to go try this! Wish me luck reddit fam!


    But it wasnt money like I remembered. It was a house key and a joint. ?

    If anyone knows how I can upload stuff, I took several pictures and videos. I literally can’t believe it!

  4. Every time somebody posts one of these absolutely product and brand-destroying reviews I just imagine some product manager in a cubicle going “fuck.”

  5. Something I love about these videos is how succinct his *speech* is. Very few extraneous words, and very clear teaching points. I think its quite a skill.

  6. Master Lock will know about this, the cost of making a better solution will make the product unmarketable. However how many criminals will approach one of these and have the knowledge on how to crack it but won’t have the tools/knowledge on how to crack a more secure unit. I would expect every real-life attack on one of these will have the cable cut and then it opened back somewhere safe/out of sight where tools and equipment will be readily available anyhow.

  7. God damn it. We have one of these and take it to the pool all the time. Phone, credit cards, cash all go in it, and it locks chairs together so people don’t take them.

    82K views so far, probably all of them by worthless punks out to steal my shit.

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