Look at this adorable piggy getting her hair brushed

Look at this adorable piggy getting her hair brushed 7

Look at this adorable piggy getting her hair brushed 8

Look at this adorable piggy getting her hair brushed

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  1. Dated and lived with a girl for awhile and while we were together, she got a ‘mico-mini pig.’

    These bastards are smart as hell, and I’m sure they make great pets if you’re a supportive, caring pet owner. Ex-Girlfriend was not. I moved home shortly after little piglet started living with us- piggy and ex came to town a few months later to visit… That fucker had gotten pretty big (probably pushing 80-90lbs at that point) and had become extremely bratty and nearly violently food driven. Would do everything in its power to get some of whatever you were eating. He was smart, but also clearly a little shithead- think of the shittiest 3 year old you’ve ever met. Watched him get mad at my Ex for not feeding him, and he turned right around, stamped halfway up the stair, and then took a shit right on the landing while looking straight at us. (He was box trained from birth. This was a protest shit.)

    Eventualy he grew too big and too out of control and she gave him over to a rescue in NC.

    Turns out pigs, just like kids, can have some serious problem when their mother is smoking crack and not providing them with love and affection.

    She had a kid about a year later. Wonder how *he’s* doing..

  2. There is definitely something here. I thought to myself “fuck that’s a goal, be as happy as this pig.” Then I realized that the brush was a very simple happiness and the thought hit me. Maybe I should focus on the little things that make me happy like coffee and my pipe tobacco instead of waiting for the perfect house to purchase come about.

    … The lessons learned from a sweet pig.

  3. meat eaters: god i hate vegans and how they always invade every post to say they’re vegan

    meat eaters on this post: BACON LOL

  4. Yep. These loving and affectionate creatures is just one of the many reasons I stopped eating meat. I spent most of my life disassociating what I ate from where it came from, but couldn’t do it any longer.

    I know how nature works, and if we were still hunter gatherers, it would be a different story. But we have every nutrient we need readily available from non-sentient sources, so I went for it.

  5. Fucking hell the edgelords are out in force. The more you joke about “bacon” the more insecure your belief-system appears

  6. And why do we eat these guys again? So adorable. I would love to own a little baby piglet. They seem like pink puppers!

  7. It’s literally illegal to raise a pig in my country, though the law says “on the soil” (rough translation) so maybe inside a house is don’t

  8. My friend’s wife is an idiot. Years ago when pot bellied pigs were popular she went to a local farm and bought a pig. A farm pig. Cute when it was little but those things grow fast. When it got to about 150 lbs her family was to afraid of it to go in the fenced in backyard. Chris had the run of the yard, they’d just open the sliding door and throw out food. I was by their house one day and asked about him and they said they hadn’t seen him in two days. I got pissed off and went out in the 15 degree weather and find him behind the shed. He followed me back to the patio table where I tried to pet him but his hair was like a steel wool. He was going nut, hopping around like a dog (can confirm they’re really smart btw) and rubbing against my leg. I looked around but the only thing I could find was a newish BBQ grill brush. That pig loved getting brushed with that thing, especially behind the ears. I spent another half an hour with my porky friend then went straight home without going back in the house.

  9. Amazing how everyone thinks they’re so unique and funny as people yet every comment is almost identical.

    We get it…bacon…

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