looking at you, EA

looking at you, EA 7

looking at you, EA 8

looking at you, EA

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  1. The real problem is 60$ for an unfinished game and 60$ for a dlc that should have been with the game from the start since it ties everything else together. A respectable amount of people wouldnt be upset if there was standardization of games being 60$ for a solid 60 hours of working, stable, gameplay BEFORE having to dip into the Multi-Player or modded parts of the game.

    This is all before we talk about micro transactions.

  2. You know, I’m going to be the realist stick-in-the-mud here and say that, much like the minimum wage in the U.S., video games have been a set price for a long time but inflation keeps chugging along. Shit, I remember when my Dad would buy me a new NES game back in the 80’s and they were sixty bucks back then.

    I don’t agree with the predatory, somehow-legal-gambling that goes on with a lot of in-app purchases, but providing “games as a service” and providing additional paid content throughout a games life is the only way we’re going to keep getting games, short of outright charging 99 dollars for the standard edition.

    So yeah, EA sucks and everything but you’ve got to look at the bigger picture too.

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