Looks like she’s back with more!

Looks like she’s back with more!

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  1. I bet the lady dresses up to entertain the neighbors too. She plays with the dog for exercise and makes it amusing to lighten up the neighbors day too. 100/10 a great neighbor to have in a quarantine.

  2. Used to have a Golden, he was a great fighter. He’d snap at me when we played like this though. The battles were epic. Miss that smelly beast. He was huge. Funniest day of my childhood was watching him chase my dad and he finally caught him and bit him in the ass. He was a proud pup that day.

  3. That’s the climate training.

    By Christmas…Golden Retriever vs Conor McGregor – SOLD OUT day 1.

    Prediction: McGregor’s promo’s gonna be all SOB insults. After Goldy wins via flying dogberg, he’s gonna pee in McGregor’s corner.

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Omg they predicted that too!!

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