Made my first chalk board signal for work. I work at a barcade.

Made my first chalk board signal for work. I work at a barcade. 7

Made my first chalk board signal for work. I work at a barcade. 8

Made my first chalk board signal for work. I work at a barcade.

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  1. Wow! Really nice work! The “get over here” catchphrase doesn’t really align with the whole physical distancing extravaganza though. How about “stay over there”?

    Edit: nevermind, I didn’t see the mask in his hand before. Makes perfect sense now. Very well done!

  2. Love the coin jam! Great place for adults to relive their childhood memories of arcades. Plus they serve alcohol so win-win. Great work on the sign!

  3. Just a question, how are you supposed to wear a mask properly but also be drinking/eating at a bar? Kinda seems like it defeats the purpose of the mask if you have to take it off all the time.

  4. Is it me or is there so much irony, like you are required to wear a mask in bars and restaurants, but as soon as you eat or drink you take the mask off

  5. Why are people still going to bars in the first place? A mask ain’t gonna do shit in there once people start drinking.

  6. I’ve been to Coin Jam in Salem before! Great place. Only place I’ve seen an actual punch out arcade machine in person.

  7. Ah yes not a bad joint, the walk-in cooler door is a life size Han in carbonite, kinda cool. Also beer & arcade games are rad.

  8. Man this is so cool! I have done chalkboard signs for a couple places I used to work at. Managed to make some cute ones given the time I had, but I wish they had given me more time to do something awesome like this!

  9. Hey! That’s in Salem, OR! It’s a really awesome place with new and classic arcades, each machine has its own holder for your drink and they hold annual tournaments for Mario Kart 64, Street Fighter 2, Halo 2, and Original Smash Bros. They serve very good food (not your typical bar food!) and have a massive Frozen Han Solo for the door for their walk in. I’ll link some of their social media advertising for you guys to check out!

    [One of their Promo Videos](

  10. Having made signs on a chalkboard for work, I feel like there’s no fucking way this was your first time doing chalkboard signs at work.

  11. Nice sign! Have you worked other bars before? If so do you find the clientele better worse or the same at a barcade?

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