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Mama boy

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  1. I love it when our kids randomly pick a favorite parent. We have so much fun with it, but it never bothers us because we know it will change in a week anyway.

  2. I have a social experiment for you:

    Post this on twitter and see how long it takes dor someone to say that the baby is sexist.

  3. My kids would each have done this because Daddy play fights and Mommy doesn’t. Nothing to do with loving me more, just a different way of playing.

  4. Do you think if the child would let father hit mother he would be sent to re-education camp with uighurs? FUCK CCP FUCK TENCENT FUCK XINNIE THE POOH

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Oreo combine with somewhat brown sugar ❤️ 20

Oreo combine with somewhat brown sugar ❤️

those bastards lied to me 21

those bastards lied to me